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2. Waypoint Examples
Example Apps that can be deployed with Waypoint
✭ 243
3. Go Plugin
Golang plugin system over RPC.
✭ 3,174
4. Faas Nomad
OpenFaaS plugin for Nomad
5. Boundary
Boundary enables identity-based access management for dynamic infrastructure.
6. Memberlist
Golang package for gossip based membership and failure detection
✭ 2,640
7. Terraform K8s
Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes
8. Terraform Plugin Sdk
Terraform Plugin SDK enables building plugins (providers) to manage any service providers or custom in-house solutions
9. Nomad Autoscaler
Nomad Autoscaler brings autoscaling to your Nomad workloads.
✭ 200
11. Golang Lru
Golang LRU cache
✭ 2,581
12. Terraform Aws Nomad
A Terraform Module for how to run Nomad on AWS using Terraform and Packer
✭ 189
13. Go Sockaddr
IP Address/UNIX Socket convenience functions for Go
✭ 187
14. Consul Esm
External service monitoring for Consul
✭ 187
15. Packer
Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
16. Terraform Provider Azuread
Terraform provider for Azure Active Directory
17. Nomad Guides
Example usage of HashiCorp Nomad
✭ 178
18. Go Memdb
Golang in-memory database built on immutable radix trees
✭ 2,286
19. Vault Plugin Auth Kubernetes
Vault authentication plugin for Kubernetes Service Accounts
✭ 169
20. C1m
Nomad, Terraform, and Packer configurations for the Million Container Challenge (C1M)
✭ 167
21. Http Echo
A tiny go web server that echos what you start it with!
✭ 165
22. Terraform Config Inspect
A helper library for shallow inspection of Terraform configurations
✭ 157
23. Go Hclog
A common logging package for HashiCorp tools
✭ 152
24. Vagrant Installers
Project to automatically create Vagrant installers for various platforms.
✭ 148
25. Terraform Cdk
Define infrastructure resources using programming constructs and provision them using HashiCorp Terraform
26. Terraform Exec
Terraform CLI commands via Go.
✭ 142
27. Ngx http consul backend module
An nginx module for setting backends from Consul services.
28. Terraform Foundational Policies Library
Sentinel is a language and framework for policy built to be embedded in existing software to enable fine-grained, logic-based policy decisions. This repository contains a library of Sentinel policies, developed by HashiCorp, that can be consumed directly within the Terraform Cloud platform.
✭ 135
29. Terraform Provider Scaffolding
Quick start repository for creating a Terraform provider
30. Terraform Provider Docker
As part of our introduction to self-service publishing in the Terraform Registry, this copy of the provider has been archived, and ownership has been transferred to active maintainers in the community. Please see the new location on the Terraform Registry:
31. Envconsul
Launch a subprocess with environment variables using data from @hashicorp Consul and Vault.
32. Go Uuid
Generates UUID-format strings using purely high quality random bytes
✭ 130
33. Docker Hub Images
Automatic builds of container images for Docker Hub
34. Terraform Provider Google Beta
Terraform Google Cloud Platform Beta provider
36. Terraform Website
Build configuration and partial content for
37. Best Practices
No description, website, or topics provided.
38. Terraform Google Vault
A Terraform Module for how to run Vault on Google Cloud using Terraform and Packer
✭ 108
39. Yamux
Golang connection multiplexing library
✭ 1,600
40. Terraform Provider Postgresql
As part of our introduction to self-service publishing in the Terraform Registry, this copy of the provider has been archived, and ownership has been transferred to active maintainers in the community. Please see the new location on the Terraform Registry:
41. Go Argmapper
A runtime dependency-injection library for Go that supports automatically chaining conversion functions to reach desired input and output types.
42. Go Tfe
Terraform Cloud/Enterprise API Client/SDK in Golang
✭ 98
43. Terraform Provider Google
Terraform Google Cloud Platform provider
44. Terraform Provider Tls
Provides utilities for working with Transport Layer Security keys and certificates. It provides resources that allow private keys, certificates and certficate requests to be created as part of a Terraform deployment.
45. Vagrant Spec
Tool and library for testing Vagrant plugins.
✭ 78
46. Go Multierror
A Go (golang) package for representing a list of errors as a single error.
✭ 1,198
47. Katakoda
Katakoda tutorial to learn the features of HashiCorp products interactively
✭ 74
48. Nomad
Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that can deploy a mix of microservice, batch, containerized, and non-containerized applications. Nomad is easy to operate and scale and has native Consul and Vault integrations.
49. Terraform Provider Ad
Active Directory provider for HashiCorp Terraform (experimental)
50. Go Getter
Package for downloading things from a string URL using a variety of protocols.
✭ 1,120
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