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1. Octosaver
A Mac OS X Screensaver showing Octocats
✭ 138
2. Himbo
A simple iOS App to create mono colored backgrounds. Written in Swift and supporting 3D Touch on iPhone 6s.
✭ 13
3. Idtmf
iDTMF is an iOS App used to generate DTMF- or ZVEI Tone sequences.
✭ 7
4. Kiimagepager
The KIImagePager is inspired by foursquare's ImageSlideshow, the user may scroll through images loaded from the Web
5. Developerexcuses
A Mac OS X Screensaver which shows quotes from, inofficial
6. KIPullToReveal
A UITableView combined with a MKMapView to show both. If scrolled down the TableView will disappear and show the Full MapView and the other way around.
7. PulsingLayer
Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView. Completely written in Swift.
✭ 89
8. Camira
An iOS text adventure game engine, inspired by Lifeline and co.
9. OnelinerKit
A macOS framework to create text based screen savers. 🖥💯
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