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The list of all Algerian provinces and cities according to the official division in different formats: csv, xlsx, php, json, etc.

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This repository contains the list of all the administrative provinces and cities in Algeria.

The data is up-to-date according to the official source of the Algerian state.


The list is available in two languages:

  • Arabic
  • French


Each file contains the following data:

  • Wilaya
    • code: is the wilaya ID, between 1 and 48
    • name: in latin characters in French language
    • name_ar: in Arabic characters in Arabic language
  • Daira
    • code: is the official administrative code for the daira, prefixed by the wilaya's code
    • name: in latin characters in French language
    • name_ar: in Arabic characters in Arabic language
  • Commune
    • code: is the official administrative code for the city. IMPORTANT: this is NOT the postal code.
    • name: in latin characters in French language
    • name_ar: in Arabic characters in Arabic language


The list is available in different formats:

  • CSV comma separated
  • JSON
  • MySQL schema
  • PHP
  • XML
  • XLSX aka. Microsoft Excel
  • Dart and Flutter


To contribute with a specific format to the repository, please open a pull request.

Desired formats:

  • Java array
  • Swift array

Desired data:

  • List of the postal codes per city: according to the official Algerian Post, each city can have one or many post offices, and each post office has a postal code.
  • Latitude and Longitude of each city
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