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Android SQLite Beginner Course

All the tools you need to start developing with Android

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In this video course I am extremely detailed as I teach you about the built-in database that comes standard in every Android device.

Learning the ins-and-outs of SQLite is fundamental for every Android developer. Every single app must be able to store and manipulate data. There is no way around it.

I absolutely do not skip any steps in this video course. I code at a steady pace so you can keep up and code along with me. If you don't like to listen and code at the same time, just watch the videos and take a look at the source code below.

The course focuses on:

  1. Creating, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data from an offline SQLite database
  2. Custom Data Models
  3. Fragment to Fragment Communication
  4. Fragment to Activity Communication (and the reverse)
  5. Custom Dialog Boxes
  6. Searching/Filtering a ListView
  7. ListViews, Custom ListAdapters
  8. File Management (Creating, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting files from Android device)
  9. Using the Camera to Capture a Photo
  10. Retriving Images from the Phones Memory
  11. Making Phone Calls
  12. Displaying Images (Universal Image Loader Library)
  13. Requesting Special Permissions (Marshmellow +)

The course will also cover how to get started if you are a complete beginner. We will:

  1. Download and Install Android Studio
  2. Download and Install the Java JDK
  3. Get the Android Emulator running so you can test you applications

Lecture Source Code:

pre-course 1 - Installing Android Studio, Java JDK, and the Emulator pre-course 2 - Enable Developer Mode 1 - Android Support Library Updates 2 - Themes, Styles, Colors 3 - View Contacts Toolbar 4 - View Contacts Layout 5 - View Contacts Fragment Setup 6 - Widgets and ID's 7 - Building the Search Bar 8 - Toggling the Search Bar 9 - Contacts Objects and ListItem Layout 10 - Custom List Adapter Class 11 - Testing the Contacts ListView 12 - Contact Fragment Layout 13 - Contact Fragment Widgets 14 - Selecting a Contact 15 - Setting the Selected Contact 16 - CardView Layout 17 - CardView List Adapter Class 18 - Verifying Call Permissions 19 - Initating SMS and Email 20 - Edit Contact Fragment Layout 21 - Edit Contact Interface 22 - Edit Contact Fragment Widgets 23 - Edit Contact Toolbar Widgets 24 - Choose Photo Dialog 25 - Storage and Camera Permissions 26 - New Camera Image 27 - Selecting an Image from Memory 28 - Add Contact Fragment FAB 29 - Add Contact Fragment Widgets 30 - Formatting the Phone Number 31 - Search Bar Filter 32 - Database Helper Class 33 - Adding Contacts 34 - Viewing Contacts 35 - Updating Contacts 36 - Deleting Contacts
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