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  • Immediate search access to local and distributed geospatial catalogues
  • Uploading and downloading of data, graphics, documents, pdf files and any other content type
  • An interactive Web Map Viewer to combine Web Map Services from distributed servers around the world
  • Online editing of metadata with a powerful template system
  • Scheduled harvesting and synchronization of metadata between distributed catalogs
  • Support for OGC-CSW 2.0.2 ISO Profile, OAI-PMH, SRU protocols
  • Fine-grained access control with group and user management
  • Multi-lingual user interface


User documentation is managed in the geonetwork/doc repository covering all releases of GeoNetwork.

The docs folder includes geonetwork/doc as a git submodule. This documentation is compiled into html pages during a release for publishing on the website.

Developer documentation located in files in the code-base:

  • General documentation for the project as a whole is in this
  • Software Development Documentation provides instructions for setting up a development environment, building Geonetwork, compiling user documentation, and making a releases
  • Module specific documentation can be found in each module (assuming there is module specific documentation required)
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