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A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

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the deno mascot dinosaur standing in the rain

Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.


  • Secure by default. No file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled.
  • Supports TypeScript out of the box.
  • Ships only a single executable file.
  • Built-in utilities.
  • Set of reviewed standard modules that are guaranteed to work with Deno.


Shell (Mac, Linux):

curl -fsSL | sh

PowerShell (Windows):

iwr -useb | iex

Homebrew (Mac):

brew install deno

Chocolatey (Windows):

choco install deno

Scoop (Windows):

scoop install deno

Build and install from source using Cargo:

cargo install deno --locked

See deno_install and releases for other options.

Getting Started

Try running a simple program:

deno run

Or a more complex one:

const listener = Deno.listen({ port: 8000 });

for await (const conn of listener) {

async function serve(conn: Deno.Conn) {
  for await (const { respondWith } of Deno.serveHttp(conn)) {
    respondWith(new Response("Hello world"));

You can find a deeper introduction, examples, and environment setup guides in the manual.

The complete API reference is available at the runtime documentation.


We appreciate your help!

To contribute, please read our contributing instructions.

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