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AWSM F1 - WordPress Frontity Theme

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AWSM F1 - Frontity theme

A starter theme for Frontity with support for common Gutenberg WordPress editor blocks. You could use the theme package as a starting point to build your next corporate website or blog.

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Table of contents

Quick install

  • Create a Frontity project named awsm-project with AWSM F1 theme
npx frontity create --theme @awsmin/f1 awsm-project
  • The CLI will run its part and once completed, run the project and have fun! ๐ŸŽ‰
cd awsm-project && npx frontity dev

AWSM F1 quick install

Advanced usage

npm i @awsmin/f1

Once installed it should be included in your frontity.settings.js. The theme options can be specified in the state.theme property.

  name: "@awsmin/f1",
  state: {
    theme: {
      menu: [
        ["Home", "/"],
        ["About", "/about/"],
        ["Sevices", "/sevices/"],
        ["Jobs", "/jobs/"],
        ["Contact", "/contact/"]
      featured: {
        showOnList: true,
        showOnPost: true


By default, these theme includes all the default styles of Gutenberg blocks, which is taken from


In addition we have included certain theme specific styles to the page and post templates.

In order to add custom styles to your Gutenberg blocks you first need to add the blocks inside a "Group" block and assign a CSS class(es) to it. Thus you could use this CSS class(es) to style the entire block along with all sub blocks inside the group block.


We have included a bare-minimum bootstrap css which combines following Bootstrap css/scss files: functions, variables, mixins, root, reboot, type, grid, forms and utilities.

This essentially provides a base to common layout/grid and responsive breakpoints.

No bootstrap JS included

WP Job Openings

This theme package also include support for WP Job Openings plugin in the Frontity framework including the support for application form. All the default fields and the fields supported by WP Job Openings Pro are supported in the job application form.

Installation instructions and configurations


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