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Please note: FIDO is deprecated at Netflix and this repository is no longer maintained.

NetflixOSS Lifecycle

Fully Integrated Defense Operation (FIDO)

FIDO is an orchestration layer used to automate the incident response process by evaluating, assessing and responding to malware. FIDO’s primary purpose is to handle the heavy manual effort needed to evaluate threats coming from today's security stack and the large number of alerts generated by them. As an orchestration platform FIDO can make using your existing security tools more efficient and accurate by heavily reducing the manual effort needed to detect, notify and respond to attacks against a network.

Full Documentation

See the FIDO Wiki for full documentation, operational details and other information.

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions and discussion please use Github issues

(Netflix's FIDO - Fully Integrated Defense Operation - is not a part of or service of the FIDO Alliance)

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