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Libraries for running GraphQL in Kotlin

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QLens is an electron app which dynamically generates GraphQL Schemas and Mongo Schema visualization. QLens significantly cuts development time by automating the formation of their GraphQL schemas based on information fetched from their non-relational database.
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Graphql Stack
A visual explanation of how the various tools in the GraphQL ecosystem fit together.
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Want to use GraphQL with Clojure/script but don't want keBab or snake_keys everywhere? Use locksmith to change all the keys!
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[NOT MAINTAINED]An API integration framework using GraphQL
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Morpheus Graphql
Haskell GraphQL Api, Client and Tools
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The Ultimate Boilerplate for Products.
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Fullstack Graphql
🌈 Simple Fullstack GraphQL Application. API built with Express + GraphQL + Sequelize (supports MySQL, Postgres, Sqlite and MSSQL). WebApp built with React + Redux to access the API. Written in ES6 using Babel + Webpack.
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Welcome to the home of the Hot Chocolate GraphQL server for .NET, the Strawberry Shake GraphQL client for .NET and Banana Cake Pop the awesome Monaco based GraphQL IDE.
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36 Graphql Concepts
📜 36 concepts every GraphQL developer should know.
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✨⚡️ A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client for all platforms.
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Functional GraphQL library for Scala
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A new GraphQL library for Python 🍓
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Graphql Server Demo
GraphQL server demo with nodejs
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Graphql Moltin Server
⚛️ GraphQL + Moltin + GraphQL Yoga 🧘
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Kikstart Graphql Client
🚀 Small NodeJS Wrapper around apollo-client that provides easy access to running queries, mutations and subscriptions.
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Graph Node
Graph Node indexes data from blockchains such as Ethereum and serves it over GraphQL
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Lighthouse Utils
An add-on to Lighthouse to auto-generate CRUD actions from types
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Graphql Spqr
Java 8+ API for rapid development of GraphQL services
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eSchool Microservice based Solution
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Api Platform
Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.
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GraphQL Kotlin

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GraphQL Kotlin is a collection of libraries, built on top of graphql-java, that aim to simplify running GraphQL clients and servers in Kotlin.

Visit our documentation site for more details.

📦 Modules

  • clients - Lightweight GraphQL Kotlin HTTP clients based on Ktor HTTP client and Spring WebClient
  • examples - Example apps that use graphql-kotlin libraries to test and demonstrate usages
  • generator - Code-First schema generator and extensions to build Apollo Federation schemas
  • plugins - Gradle and Maven plugins
  • servers - Common and library specific modules for running a GraphQL server
  • types - Core types used by both client and server

⌨️ Usage

While all the individual modules of graphql-kotlin are published as stand-alone libraries, the most common use cases are running a server, and genereating a type-safe client.

Server Example

A basic example of how you can run a GraphQL server can be found on our server documentation section.

Client Example

A basic setup of a GraphQL client can be found on our client documentation section.

📋 Documentation

More examples and documentation are available on our documentation site hosted in GitHub Pages. We also have the examples module which can be run locally for testing and shows example code using the libraries.

If you have a question about something you can not find in our documentation, the indivdual module READMEs, or javadocs, feel free to contribute to the docs or start a disucssion and tag it with the question label.

If you would like to contribute to our documentation see the website directory for more information.

🗞 Blog Posts and Videos

The Blogs & Videos page in the GraphQL Kotlin documentation links to blog posts, release announcements, conference talks about the library, and general talks about GraphQL at Expedia Group.

👥 Contact

This project is part of Expedia Group Open Source but also maintained by a dedicated team

If you have a specific question about the library or code, please start a disucssion for the community.

We also have a public channel, (#graphql-kotlin), open on the Kotlin Slack instance ( See the info here on how to join this slack instance.

✏️ Contributing

To get started, please fork the repo and checkout a new branch. You can then build the library locally with Gradle

./gradlew clean build

See more info in

After you have your local branch set up, take a look at our open issues to see where you can contribute.

🛡️ Security

For more info on how to contact the team for security issues or the supported versions that receive security updates, see

⚖️ License

This library is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Note that the project description data, including the texts, logos, images, and/or trademarks, for each open source project belongs to its rightful owner. If you wish to add or remove any projects, please contact us at [email protected].