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Licence: GPL-3.0 license
An Argos Script For Optimus-Manager

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Argos Script For Optimus-Manager

Gnome Shell Indicator for Optimus-Manager, using Argos API.


  • Argos

    • Currently outdated: last commit 7 months ago. Argos will be install automatically along with a GNOME Shell v42 patch.
  • Optimus-Manager Awesome Optimus Switch script!

  • Zenity for dialog window By @ArionWT


Clone the repository and navigate into it:

git clone
cd optimus-manager-argos

Make install:

make install

If you have any file exists issues, simply use -i before install


Uninstall the Argos script. Will not uninstall Argos itself.

# Remove the files
make uninstall

Special Thanks to Cyberalex4 and Askannz <3!

Revived by @xzntrc

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