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Licence: mit
A free, open source file sharing application, built on the peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol IPFS.

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Real-time P2P messenger using go-ipfs pubsub. TUI. End-to-end encrypted texting & file-sharing. NAT traversal.
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Lightweight document management system packed with all the features you can expect from big expensive solutions
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WIP - An open source Filecoin storage and retrieval client that makes it easy to collect, organize, and share data anywhere.
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🌠 Blazing fast file transfer app focused on user-experience. Fastest way to share files without uploading them.
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Syncthing Macos
Frugal and native macOS Syncthing application bundle
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A free, open source file sharing application, built on the peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol IPFS.

It's a simple way to share files via IPFS.


You can download the latest version at Please, report any issues you come across.



  1. Take a look at the open issues

  2. Assign any to yourself that you'd like to work on

  3. Start coding:

    $ curl -o- -L | bash
    $ yarn install
    $ yarn start


Build Status

Releases are built by Travis CI, and automatically released on Github for every tagged commit pushed to master. To release a new version:

$ npm version
$ git push origin master --tags
Note that the project description data, including the texts, logos, images, and/or trademarks, for each open source project belongs to its rightful owner. If you wish to add or remove any projects, please contact us at [email protected].