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Licence: AGPL-3.0 license
Suite of tools for the tidal energy community and FVCOM users

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Project description

  • This project aims to meet multiple objectives of the EcoEII consortium through the setting of a dedicated server and the development of Python based packages. This project can be seen as two folded. On the one hand, it aims to enhance data accessibility for all the partners of the EcoEII consortium thanks to simple client protocols. On the other hand, it aims to develop standardised numerical toolbox gathering specific analysis functions for measured and simulated data (FVCOM model) to the EcoEII partners.
  • Additionally, this project was the ideal opportunity to transport various scripts and packages accumulated over the years into Python. These scripts and packages have been extensively used by the tidal energy community for more than a decade. The 'Contributors' section of this document is a mere attempt to acknowledge the work of those who participated more or less indirectly to the development of this tool box. We are consciously standing on the shoulders of a multitude please forgive us if we forgot one of them.
  • The present package is still a work in progress, so the more feedback, the better


Hydrodynamic model:

  • This package has been primarily developed and designed for post-processing FVCOM outputs. One can download FVCOM from here

Requirements & Installation Guidance:

  • Follow the instructions for setting up Anaconda with the IOOS channel on your machine
  • From Anaconda Command Prompt type conda install pyseidon
  • are all set


Althought they should be automatically resolved during the installation, this package relies on the following dependencies:

  • setuptools: One can download setuptools from here
  • UTide: One can download UTide from here
  • Pydap: One can download Pydap from here
  • NetworkX: One can download NetworkX from here
  • Pandas: One can download Pandas from here
  • Seaborn: One can download Seaborn from here

Manual Installation:

In case you need to manually install the package, use the following steps:

  • Step 1a: Download PySeidon package, save it on your machine and Unzip
  • Step 1b: or clone the repository
  • Step 2: from a shell, change directory to PySeidon-master folder
  • Step 3: from the shell, as superuser/admin, type python install or python install --user
  • Finally, in order to test the installation, type from pyseidon import * in Ipython shell.


  • The code will evolve and improve with time. To up-date, simply go through the installation procedure again.


  • The tutorials and package functioning have been designed for use in IPython shell: One can download IPython from here


Package's documentation can be found here




Dr. Richard Karsten, Aidan Bharath, Mitchell O'Flaherty-Sproul, Robie Hennigar, Dr. Joel Culina, Justine McMillan, Dr. Brian Polagye, Dr. Kristen Thyng, the IOOS group...

Legal Information

  • Authorship attributed to Wesley Bowman, Thomas Roc and Jonathan Smith
  • Copyright (c) 2014 EcoEnergyII
  • Licensed under an Affero GPL style license v3.0 (see License_PySeidon.txt)
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