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a framework that helps you to deliver well-designed python APIs

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Ray 🎷

Ray is a framework that let you deliver well-designed software without been stuck in a framework.

Ray is compatible with SQLAlchemy and Peewee! Are you using Google App Engine? Great! Ray is compatible with it.

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This is an experimental project! I wrote it because I would like to have the experience of writing a framework. Ray helped me to think how to create better abstractions, how to write code that other developers would use to write their web apps and so on. Is also important to say that this project does not intend to replace Django, Flask or Bottle. As I said I wrote it as a coding exercise. With all that said, you're welcome to contribute to it if you want to have the same experience, but you are also aware that this project may not be production-ready.


  • Creating an API has never been so easy
  • Actions in APIs
  • Database Hooks
  • Authentication
  • API protection
  • Integration with Peewee
  • Integration with SQLAlchemy
  • Integration with Google App Engine

How to start

Ray has a great documentation, you can check it here including a well documented getting started guide.


To contribute, check the Contributing Guider.

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