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Licence: GPL-3.0 license
Code and documentation for SBB split flap displays

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SBB split flap displays


Documentation and code for interfacing with SBB split flap display modules.


Most documentation in this repository is taken from old original documents or reverse engineered. It is far from being complete. If you have any additional information which you'd like to share, please contact us or even create a pull request.


There are 2 types of single modules in this repo called old and new ones. The old ones do not have an integrated RS485 controller while the new ones do.

For complete units there only seems to exist an "Omega controller" which appears to to talk to old modules only.

New Modules

Old Modules

Omega Controller


Panel Simulator

The script can be used to simulate an alphanumerical panel with variable width.


>>> from sbb_fallblatt import sbb_rs485, panel_mock
>>> from multiprocessing import Process
>>> mock_panel = panel_mock.MockPanel(10, 21)
>>> mockthread = Process(
>>> panel_control = sbb_rs485.PanelAlphanumControl(addresses=list(range(10,21)), port=mock_panel.get_serial_port())
>>> panel_control.connect()
>>> mockthread.start()
>>> panel_control.set_text("test01")
>>> panel_control.get_text()
'test01     '
>>> panel_control.get_serial_number(10)
>>> mock_panel.stop()
>>> mockthread.kill()
>>> mockthread.join()


>>> import time
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> from multiprocessing import Process
>>> from sbb_fallblatt import sbb_rs485, panel_mock
>>> mock_panel = panel_mock.MockPanel(10, 12)
>>> mockthread = Process(
>>> mockthread.start()
>>> clock = sbb_rs485.PanelClockControl(addr_hour=10, addr_min=11, port=mock_panel.get_serial_port())
>>> clock.connect()

>>> clock.set_time(15, 35) # or use clock.set_time_now()
>>> clock.get_hour()
>>> clock.get_minute()
>>> clock.set_time(22, 9)
>>> clock.get_time()
(22, 9)
>>> mock_panel.stop()
>>> mockthread.kill()
>>> mockthread.join()
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