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Licence: AGPL-3.0 license
A collection of Rust packages that contain common tools used in development of Secret Contracts

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Secret Contract Development Toolkit

This Rust package is a collection of sub-packages that contain common tools used in development of Secret Contracts running on the Secret Network.

The main package in this repository is secret-toolkit under packages/toolkit, which is a wrapper around the other packages. For example secret-toolkit-storage is exported under secret_toolkit::storage. If you only need some of the tools from the toolkit, you may get better compile times by depending on the different components directly.

Each of the subpackages is imported with a feature flag, and most subpackages are included in the default flags. The exceptions to this are:

  • "crypto" - has a deep dependency tree and increases compilation times significantly
  • "permit" - depends on "crypto" and imports it automatically
  • "incubator" - includes experimental functionality. Minor version releases may cause breaking changes in this subpackage.

While the packages in this repository are designed with Secret Network's runtime in mind, some of them may work well with the vanilla CosmWasm libraries and runtimes as well, or only require minimal modifications to be compatible with them.


The license file in the top directory of this repository applies to all packages it contains.

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