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Ultima IX: Redemption for Morrowind and OpenMW

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Ultima IX: Redemption for Morrowind, Libre Edition

This is an attempt to make a Libre Edition (LE) release of the assets used to create Ultima IX: Redemption. With this LE release, you are free to use the models, meshes and animations to create, remix and build your own simulations, games and worlds.

Methodology and Release Guidelines

We are curating the original UIX:R release and validating that none of the assets in the LE contain Bethesda's Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyrights. We then try to make contact with the original creator of the work. We then ask their permission to add their work to the LE release by having them release or re-license their work to a Creative Common License of their choice.

Available CC licenses

Currently 100% of the assets found in the LE fall under one of the Creative Commons licenses.

As more content creators are contacted, they can pick a CC license that bests suites them.


CC0 is also known as the "Public Domain" license for jurisdictions that don't honour the concept of "Public Domain". You may freely download, build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.


CC-BY is a license which only stipulates that you include the original author's name with the work.


CC-BY-NC is the same as CC-BY except that it can't be used for commercial use.

People you should thank

Alain "Spyder" Brunotte, released over a 1300 assets under the CC0 license. Spyder wrote:

As for the license: Sure, go for CC0 "public domain". It felt strange that my name was not
even mentioned once when Corv released the UIX:R files, but I actually do not need my name
under these assets. I consider them as pieces of my learning process and many are quite messy ;)

Star Boi and his 800+ assets under the CC-BY license as he wrote:

All persons are free to use these meshes as they see fit, keeping in mind that if used in
another released mod, you should give me credit in the readme, but of course that wont be
enforced, but it would be nice ^_^ Besides that, do as you will!

Patrik "Vurt" Andersson and his 120+ assets are now under the CC-BY-NC license:

Yes my work can be used as long as the person is not making money of it. that one sounds good!

Barabus's work falls under the CC-BY license:

Feel free to include this content in your own mods whilst ensuring I am 
credited with the original work.Thankyou for using this mod I hope you 
enjoy it.

Eric "N'Dib" Henry's work falls under under the CC-BY-NC license:

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Jesse "jdooby" Wilson's work falls under under the CC-BY license:

Use in your own mods to your heart's content!

Frederick "Dracus Dragani" Zazulka's work falls under the CC-BY-NC license:

The files contained within this archive are not to be used for commercial purposes.

Ayse reused textures from other sites who's licenses all fall under CC-BY license:

NOCTUA Graphics Website -
All textures, materials and 3D objects in the download area can be used
without any restrictions in your own private and commercial projects.

Paul Bourke -
These textures may be freely used as backgrounds, textures in 3D scenes,
parts of images, etc

LEMOG Graphics -
You can find a great choice of textures, all "seamless", and it's completely free!

Lady Eternity's work falls under the CC-BY license:

I give my permission to modders to freely distribute and use my models and mods,
as long as they do not chop the models up and re-release them.
As long as they give credit for work done.
PF will have to give permission seperately, as I cannot speak for him.
He did the textures on most of my models.

Proudfoot then later followed up Lady Eternity which falls under the CC-BY license as well:

Greenlight on my stuff, enjoy. - Proudfoot

Aleanne, Cait, Rhedd and Ren collectively used the following which falls under CC-BY license:

You may use and distribute the models and textures freely without
additional permission as long as the above credits and contact information
are included.

Redtreespirit said the following of Nomad's work which falls under CC-BY-SA:

Nomad is no longer reachable, so you're welcome to contact me with any questions.
All meshes and textures by Nomad.
My OKs: You are welcome to use the meshes in any Morrowind or TESCS project.

Tom “Neuman” Oldani of Better Bodies has placed his work under CC-BY-SA:

Generally, I've given anyone who asks permission to use our assets, provided 
they say somewhere in the documentation where the assets came from.  
If that's what you're asking, then sure, feel free to use them. 

Gorg & Arathrax (DarkSharp) of Better Heads used the following which falls under the CC-BY-SA license:

YES you can "reuse", "remake", "redistribute" etc some, all or any part of this mod. 
Gorg and Arathrax have asked only 2 things.
    * First that you give Gorg and Arathrax and any of the original texture artists credit 
      in your readme
    * Second that if you alter any models in any way that you change the name of the model, 
      if you use it exactly as is please leave the name as is. 
      (Same request that Rhedd made concerning the reuse of his stuff)
Textures artists:	      
    Allerleirauh, Wormgod, Don Salus, Hellkitty, Eternum, Nomad, Mantodea, Sheikizza, 
    Astarsis, Zuldazug, Noviere, Silaria, CanadianIce, Motoki, Arathrax, and Gorg

Emma and Robert (Grumpy) have released their work which fall under the CC-BY license:

My meshes and textures can be used freely without any conditions, only if it's modyfied 
the file names should be changed to avoid overwriting issues.

Heads - You may use these heads in your mods without asking for further permission.

Korana & Semtex who furthered Neuman, Gorg and DarkSharp's work under the CC-BY license:

Feel free to use any of these items in other projects! Permission is not needed, 
but I do appreciate a message letting me I get tickled pink when I see 
any of my projects in use in other projects!  Please, make sure you give the appropriate 
creators credit as well...and give me credit for anything of mine you used.

Steve "Dongle" Deffeyes wrote the following which falls under the CC-BY license:

You are free to use this in any Morrowind project you wish. Asking ahead is not
necessary. Giving credit is not necessary, although you are welcome to if you wish.

If you wish to modify this in any way, ie edit the mesh or the texturing, you
may do so. Please credit yourself with the final product and not me. Also please
change the filenames to avoid conflicts with mods that use the unaltered files.

Razhkul's work falls under the CC-BY license when he wrote this:

The dragons models and all the scripts except the dragon riding
script are freely distributable, you can use them in your mod, the
only thing I ask is that you inform me about its use and please, not use
the dragons excessively.

Don Salus' work falls under the CC-BY license according to this:

My Plugins are completely free, so you can use my faces in your mod without
my permission, just GIVE ME SOME CREDIT, please....that's All. :)

Silaria wrote the following about her work which falls under the CC-BY license:

If you wish to use any of these files in your mod, you are more than welcome
to do so. However if you release your mod, please be courteous and provide
me credit for the original work. Respect is given when it is earned!

People we are looking to make contact with

If you have any information leading to the following people, please create a ticket and we can talk further!

Brad "Operadragon" Venable
Dustin Naegel
Jeremy McGuinn - Knights of Tamriel Matti Paalanen
Steven "Chlorthos" McCrary

Original UIX:R

Morrowind Mod UIX – landscape, story and music release – history of the mod and the team.:


uixr-assets-le-1.2 (20170227)

  • added over 170 assets released under the CC-BY license
    • 107 DDS
    • 65 NIF
    • 1 TGA

uixr-assets-le-1.1 (20170221)

  • added over 800 assets released under the CC-BY license
    • 408 TGA
    • 227 DDS
    • 173 NIF
    • 13 BMP
    • 8 IFL
    • 4 KF
    • 1 WAV

uixr-assets-le-1.0 (20170208)

  • initial release
  • over 1300 assets released under the CC0 license
    • 737 DDS
    • 605 NIF
    • 13 KF
    • 11 TGA
    • 1 TXT
Note that the project description data, including the texts, logos, images, and/or trademarks, for each open source project belongs to its rightful owner. If you wish to add or remove any projects, please contact us at [email protected].