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A bash script that will build Ubiquiti's UniFi controller into a CentOS 7 package (

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  • a script to build Ubiquiti's UniFi Controller as a CentOS 7 RPM
  • Why? UniFi does not provide a package for CentOS 7 so here is a script to build one



Get this script

$ git clone
$ cd unifi-rpm

Set the target and iteration version

export TARGET=5.8.24
export ITERATION=1.el7.xyzcorp

Download Unifi pkg you want to build (this link should work, otherwise get this link from the UniFi Beta Forum as the DIY Package). If the package is available on the official downloads site then it should work with the command below.

curl -OL${TARGET}/

Build the Package with some flags defined


Verify built package if you want

rpm -qpi /data/rpmbuild/build/RPMS/x86_64/unifi-${TARGET}-${ITERATION}.x86_64.rpm


  • backup of existing DB is created to /var/tmp/unifi_backup_*.tar

Upgrade Notes

  • on upgrade the following things automatically happen
  • unifi service is stopped before upgrade
  • backup is created to /var/tmp/unifi_backup_*.tar
    • this takes a WHILE becuase the mongo DB is usually multiple GB in size to backup
    • the line it freezes on for me is Running transaction
    • if you want to track the backup size you can pop another terminal and run 'watch ls -lhart /var/tmp/'
  • upgrade is performed
  • unifi service is restarted

Tested Versions

Versions that I have built and used (usually through upgrade) successfully

  • 5.13.32 (tested 2020-07-07)
  • 5.9.29 (tested 2019-01-02)
  • 5.8.24 (tested 2018-08-13)
  • 5.7.24 (tested 2018-08-13)
  • 5.7.20 (tested 2018-05-11) - requires java1.8
  • 5.6.22 (tested 2017-12-27)
  • 5.5.20
  • 5.4.11
  • 5.3.8
  • every previous 4.x build


  • modify the Static Variables at the beginning of the script if you want to run the script without commands
  • modify the script if you want to modify the build/BUILDROOT/ and build/RPM/ dirs


Get some help: ./ --help

Build RPM with without env Variables

Build the Package with some flags defined

./ --buildversion $TARGET --file --iteration 1.el7.xyzcorp
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