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Licence: MIT license
Export & Import VBA code for use with Git (or any VCS)

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VBA Import & Export Add-in for MS Excel

The VBA Import & Export Add-in is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to import and export VBA code to and from Excel Workbooks (.xlsm files) easily. This allows VBA code to be stored in plain text files alongside the .xlsm file. This is essential for effectively utilizing Git in a VBA project (or any other VCS).


  1. Download the Add-in: VBA-Import-Export.xlam (version 0.4.0)
  2. Add and enable the Add-in in Excel
  3. In Excel, Check the Trust access to the VBA project model check box located in Trust Centre -> Trust Centre Settings -> Macro Settings -> Trust access to the VBA project model.


The add-in can be used from Developer tab of the Excel ribbon menu and in the menu of the VBA IDE. Both menus provide the same commands.

Getting started

  1. Save your .xlsm file into a folder.
  2. Use the Make Config File command to make a CodeExport.config.json file in the same folder as the .xlsm file. This records a list of VBA files and references.
  3. Use the Export command to export the VBA code. Notice the VBA code present in the same folder as your .xlsm file.
  4. Save and close your Excel workbook.
  5. (Optional) Commit the contents of your project directory into Git or any other VCS system.

Important: VBA-project-template provides config files to ensure Git and text editors play nicely with your project files.

When you return to work on the VBA project:

  1. (Optional) Checkout a version of your project from Git or the VCS system you are using.
  2. Open the Excel workbook (.xlsm file) in Excel.
  3. Use the Import command to import the VBA code from the project directory* and the references listed in the configuration file.
  4. Regularly use the Save command to save your changes to the file system while you work.
  5. Use the Make Config File command to update the config file when modules or references are added or removed.
  6. When you're finished, use the Export command to export your work, then save and close the Excel workbook.

* Only files listed in the configuration file will be imported.

Safety tips

Here's some tips to avoid loosing data while using this Add-in:

  • Do regular backups! Use the method that you won't forget. My favourite method is to use Git. Any versioning system would also work.
  • If you make changes in the Excel document, don't edit the files in the file system before you Export. The inevitable Export will overwrite your changes.
  • If you make changes in the Excel document, don't Import before using Save or Export. You will just overwrite your changes with what you started with.
  • Save regularly to avoid making the mistake above.

The configuration file

The CodeExport.config.json file declares what gets imported and exported from an Excel workbook. The config file must be in the same directory as the .xlsm file. The config file can be edited in a text editor to make advanced adjustments that the Make Config File command cannot do. A comprehensive example config file can be found at test-projects/comprehensive/CodeExport.config.json. The config file uses the JSON file format and the configuration properties are:

  • VBAProject Name - The name of the VBAProject. Will be set on import. Must not contain any spaces.
  • Module Paths - A file system path for every VBA module that will be imported and exported by CodeExport. These may be relative or absolute paths.
  • Base Path - A prefix to be prepended to all relative paths in Module Paths.
  • References - A list of reference definitions. Each reference described will be referenced on import and dereferenced on export.

Importing, Saving & Exporting

The Import command will:

  • Import all the modules specified in the Module Paths configuration property. Existing modules in the Excel file will be overwritten.
  • Add all library references declared in the References configuration property. Existing library references in the Excel file will be overwritten.
  • Set the VBAProject name as declared in the VBAProject Name configuration property.

The Save command will:

  • Export all the modules specified in the Module Paths configuration property. Existing files in the file system will be overwritten.

The Export command will:

  • Do the same as the Save command.
  • Dereference libraries declared in the References configuration property.


You can submit questions, requests and bug reports to the issues list. Github pull requests are also welcome.

Authors and Attribution

See Also

  • vba-blocks - A VBA package manager in development by Tim Hall. It will hopefully supersede this add-in.
  • VBA-IDE-Code-Export - Scott Spence's version of this add-in.
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