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IRCCloud Android App
Stars: ✭ 244 (+0.41%)
Mutual labels:  mobile-app, chat, irc
Chatsecure Ios
ChatSecure is a free and open source encrypted chat client for iOS that supports OTR and OMEMO encryption over XMPP.
Stars: ✭ 3,044 (+1152.67%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad, chat
This is a beauful hud view for iPhone & iPad
Stars: ✭ 588 (+141.98%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Mojo Weixin
Stars: ✭ 1,181 (+386.01%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Sticky notes reimagined - written in Swift
Stars: ✭ 79 (-67.49%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Hls Vod
HTTP Live Streaming with on-the-fly encoding of any video file for Web/Apple TV/iPhone/iPad/iPod
Stars: ✭ 221 (-9.05%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Hackers is an elegant iOS app for reading Hacker News written in Swift.
Stars: ✭ 513 (+111.11%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
An iOS library for beautiful number entry fields. iPad friendly. Written in Swift.
Stars: ✭ 16 (-93.42%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Mangosta Ios
MongooseIM client for iOS
Stars: ✭ 28 (-88.48%)
Mutual labels:  mobile-app, chat
Send push notification to Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad)
Stars: ✭ 134 (-44.86%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Apple Device Model List
All Apple devices model name list. 通过内部编号判断 iOS 设备型号。
Stars: ✭ 149 (-38.68%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Whapp Irc
whatsapp web <-> irc gateway
Stars: ✭ 208 (-14.4%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
OwnTracks' iPhone App
Stars: ✭ 222 (-8.64%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
A collection of user-submitted shortcuts for Shortcuts for iOS.
Stars: ✭ 376 (+54.73%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
An IRC to other chat networks gateway 🐝
Stars: ✭ 513 (+111.11%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Linphone Iphone
Linphone is a free VoIP and video softphone based on the SIP protocol. Mirror of linphone-iphone (git://
Stars: ✭ 462 (+90.12%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, chat
Convos 👥 is the simplest way to use IRC in your browser
Stars: ✭ 789 (+224.69%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Chat Sdk Ios
Chat SDK iOS - Open Source Mobile Messenger
Stars: ✭ 813 (+234.57%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Port of the original GMImagePicker component to Xamarin.iOS
Stars: ✭ 65 (-73.25%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Web-based IRC client in Go.
Stars: ✭ 595 (+144.86%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Modular Async/Sync/Reactive Twitch API Client / IRC Client
Stars: ✭ 209 (-13.99%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
📲 A useful modern JavaScript solution that helps your website users to add (install) a progressive web application (PWA) to the Home Screen of their mobile iOS devices.
Stars: ✭ 113 (-53.5%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Mojo Webqq
Stars: ✭ 1,755 (+622.22%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
iOctocat v1 - GitHub for iOS (works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
Stars: ✭ 1,665 (+585.19%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
UICollectionViewSplitLayout makes collection view more responsive.
Stars: ✭ 226 (-7%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Stars: ✭ 183 (-24.69%)
Mutual labels:  mobile-app, iphone
Mcpicker Ios
McPicker is a customizable, closure driven UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready.
Stars: ✭ 186 (-23.46%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
🔥The screen opening advertising solutions - 开屏广告、启动广告解决方案-支持静态/动态图片广告,mp4视频广告,全屏/半屏广告、兼容iPhone/iPad. 【 Github下载不了/下载慢 可以访问国内下载地址:】
Stars: ✭ 3,578 (+1372.43%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Jitsi is an audio/video and chat communicator that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, IRC and many other useful features.
Stars: ✭ 3,531 (+1353.09%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Ipa Server
Upload and install IPA in web.
Stars: ✭ 392 (+61.32%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Revolution Irc
A modern Android IRC client. #revolutionirc on Freenode.
Stars: ✭ 325 (+33.74%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
🥝 Next generation of the Kiwi IRC web client
Stars: ✭ 488 (+100.82%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
💬 ‎ Modern, responsive, cross-platform, self-hosted web IRC client
Stars: ✭ 4,618 (+1800.41%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Easy way to detect iOS device properties, OS versions and work with screen sizes. Powered by Swift.
Stars: ✭ 569 (+134.16%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Open Source Xamarin Apps
📱 Collaborative List of Open Source Xamarin Apps
Stars: ✭ 318 (+30.86%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Ad Blocker App for iOS, macOS
Stars: ✭ 722 (+197.12%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Open Source Ios Apps
📱 Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps
Stars: ✭ 28,826 (+11762.55%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Irccloud Desktop
IRCCloud Desktop App
Stars: ✭ 215 (-11.52%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
THIS REPO IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED! Check This library provides a list of 80 methods to get every kind of system information!
Stars: ✭ 644 (+165.02%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Responsive CSS Device frames for your landing pages
Stars: ✭ 59 (-75.72%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
OTGanttChartKit is gantt chart framework for iOS. This framework use easily like UITableView.
Stars: ✭ 38 (-84.36%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
superseriousstats is a fast and efficient program to create statistics out of various types of chat logs
Stars: ✭ 78 (-67.9%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
iOS app that transforms your photos into stunning blurry wallpapers for your device
Stars: ✭ 311 (+27.98%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
a website which tells you whether you can jailbreak your iOS device.
Stars: ✭ 112 (-53.91%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Light weight tool for detecting the current device and screen size written in swift.
Stars: ✭ 1,503 (+518.52%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Tinodios: Tinode Messaging Client for iOS
Stars: ✭ 119 (-51.03%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, chat
Colorify - simple, yet powerful color library.
Stars: ✭ 106 (-56.38%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Learn Swift interactively on your iPhone.
Stars: ✭ 1,992 (+719.75%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
A UIView debugger (like Reveal or Xcode) that can be embedded in an app for on-device view debugging
Stars: ✭ 1,805 (+642.8%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
FileSystem is an application that allows you to browse the content of your iPhone disk, displaying file and folders, files contents, and detailed informations about file and folder permissions.
Stars: ✭ 148 (-39.09%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
A Date Picker with Calendar for iPhone and iPad Apps.
Stars: ✭ 103 (-57.61%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
A desktop chat client for Twitch
Stars: ✭ 182 (-25.1%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Lisp Chat
An experimental minimal chat written in Common Lisp
Stars: ✭ 160 (-34.16%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
The extensible chat client.
Stars: ✭ 2,349 (+866.67%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
Clendar - universal calendar app. Written in SwiftUI. Available on App Store
Stars: ✭ 153 (-37.04%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
An alternative peek preview for non 3D Touch devices. Inspired by Instagram.
Stars: ✭ 202 (-16.87%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
Functional Reactive Programming domain-specific language embedded in Haskell, for programming efficient hybrid (mixed discrete-time and continuous-time) systems.
Stars: ✭ 294 (+20.99%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
📷 图片 || 视频 浏览器(本地和网络) , UIViewController + CollectionView , 完美适配 iPhone 以及 iPad ,屏幕旋转功能 , 适配SDWebImage 5.0
Stars: ✭ 296 (+21.81%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
IRC client built with Electron & React
Stars: ✭ 95 (-60.91%)
Mutual labels:  chat, irc
A library to imitate the iOS 10 Maps UI.
Stars: ✭ 1,928 (+693.42%)
Mutual labels:  iphone, ipad
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