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Licence: apache-2.0
Scanning APK file for URIs, endpoints & secrets.

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version contributions

Scanning APK file for URIs, endpoints & secrets.



It's fairly simple to install APKLeaks:

from PyPi

$ pip3 install apkleaks

from Source

Clone repository and install requirements:

$ git clone
$ cd apkleaks/
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

from Docker

Pull the Docker image by running:

$ docker pull dwisiswant0/apkleaks:latest


APKLeaks using jadx disassembler to decompile APK file. If it doesn't exist in your environment, it'll ask you to download.



$ apkleaks -f ~/path/to/file.apk
# from Source
$ python3 -f ~/path/to/file.apk
# or with Docker
$ docker run -it --rm -v /tmp:/tmp dwisiswant0/apkleaks:latest -f /tmp/file.apk


Here are all the options it supports.

Argument Description Example
-f, --file APK file to scanning apkleaks -f file.apk
-o, --output Write to file results (random if not set) apkleaks -f file.apk -o results.txt
-p, --pattern Path to custom patterns JSON apkleaks -f file.apk -p custom-rules.json
-a, --args Disassembler arguments apkleaks -f file.apk --args="--deobf --log-level DEBUG"
--json Save as JSON format apkleaks -f file.apk -o results.json --json


In general, if you don't provide -o argument, then it will generate results file automatically.

NOTE: By default it will also save the results in text format, use --json argument if you want JSON output format.


Custom patterns can be added with the following argument to provide sensitive search rules in the JSON file format: --pattern /path/to/custom-rules.json. If not set, it'll use default patterns from regexes.json file.

Example patterns file:

// custom-rules.json
  "Amazon AWS Access Key ID": "AKIA[0-9A-Z]{16}",
$ apkleaks -f /path/to/file.apk -p rules.json -o ~/Documents/apkleaks-results.txt

Arguments (disassembler)

We give user complete discretion to pass the disassembler arguments. For example, if you want to activate threads in jadx decompilation process, you can add it with -a/--args argument, example: --args="--threads-count 5".

$ apkleaks -f /path/to/file.apk -a "--deobf --log-level DEBUG"

NOTE: Please pay attention to the default disassembler arguments we use to prevent collisions.


apkleaks is distributed under Apache 2.


Since this tool includes some contributions, and I'm not an asshole, I'll publically thank the following users for their helps and resources:

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