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Make drawing and labeling bounding boxes easy as cake

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Documentation Status License: MIT PyPI version Downloads

This package helps users draw bounding boxes around objects, without doing the clumsy math that you'd need to do for positioning the labels. It also has a few different types of visualizations you can use for labeling objects after identifying them.

The bounding box points are expected in the format: (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax)


pip install bbox-visualizer


import bbox_visualizer as bbv


Photos by Joshua Earle, Jonas Weckschmied and Sherzod Max on Unsplash.

image function
bbox with label on top bbv.draw_rectangle(img, bbox)
bbv.add_label(img, label, bbox, top=True)
bbox with T label bbv.draw_rectangle(img, bbox)
bbv.add_T_label(img, label, bbox)
label with flag bbv.draw_flag_with_label(img, label, bbox)
bbox with label inside bbv.draw_rectangle(img, bbox)
bbv.add_label(img, label, bbox, top=False)
label with opaque overlay bbv.draw_rectangle(image, bbox, is_opaque=True)
bbv.add_label(img, label, bbox, draw_bg=False, top=False)
multiple bbox bbv.draw_multiple_rectangles(img, bboxes)
bbv.add_multiple_labels(img, labels, bboxes)
multiple flags bbv.draw_multiple_flags_with_labels(img, labels, bboxes)
multiple T bbox bbv.draw_multiple_rectangles(img, bboxes)
bbv.add_multiple_T_labels(img, labels, bboxes)

There are optional functions that can draw multiple bounding boxes and/or write multiple labels on the same image, but it is advisable to use the above functions in a loop in order to have full control over your visualizations.

  • bbv.draw_multiple_rectangles(img, bboxes)
  • bbv.add_multiple_labels(img, labels, bboxes)
  • bbv.add_multiple_T_labels(img, labels, bboxes)
  • bbv.draw_multiple_flags_with_labels(img, labels, bboxes)

bboxes and labels are lists in the above examples.


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