Top 1442 python3 open source projects

1. Opcua Asyncio
OPC UA library for python > 3.6 asyncio
3. Od Annotation
7. Pepper
An open source script to perform malware static analysis on Portable Executable
8. Githubmonitor
根据关键字与 hosts 生成的关键词,利用 github 提供的 api,监控 git 泄漏。
9. Scant3r
ScanT3r - Web Security Scanner
10. Python For Entrepreneurs Course Demos
Contains all the "handout" materials for Talk Python's Python for Entrepreneurs course. This includes notes and the final version of the website code.
11. Automate The Boring Stuff Projects
My solutions for the projects in automate the boring stuff with python
12. Four flower
13. Uvicorn Gunicorn Docker
Docker image with Uvicorn managed by Gunicorn for high-performance web applications in Python 3.6 with performance auto-tuning. Optionally with Alpine Linux.
14. Aioamqp
AMQP implementation using asyncio
15. Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
18. Indicator Sound Switcher
Sound input/output selector indicator for Linux
20. Torghostng
TorghostNG - Make your internet traffic anonymized through Tor network and Privoxy. Rewritten from TorGhost with Python 3
22. The Elements Of Statistical Learning Notebooks
Jupyter notebooks for summarizing and reproducing the textbook "The Elements of Statistical Learning" 2/E by Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman
24. Cacheout
A caching library for Python
25. Chain
链喵 CMDB 本项目已停止开发!因长时间未对代码进行维护,可能会造成项目在不同环境上无法部署、运行BUG等问题,请知晓!项目仅供参考!
26. Wemake Python Package
Bleeding edge cookiecutter template to create new python packages
27. Django Dynamic Preferences
Dynamic global and instance settings for your django project
28. Enet Real Time Semantic Segmentation
ENet - A Neural Net Architecture for real time Semantic Segmentation
30. Md2notion
A better Markdown importer
31. Supergo
A student implementation of Alpha Go Zero
32. Zulip Terminal
The official terminal client for Zulip
33. Voicebook
🗣️ A book and repo to get you started programming voice computing applications in Python (10 chapters and 200+ scripts).
34. Vbuild
"Compile" your VueJS components (sfc/*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only (no need of nodejs). Support python components too !
35. Swaglyrics For Spotify
📃 Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later. Very fast.
36. Piq
Measures and metrics for image2image tasks. PyTorch.
37. Python Switch
Adds switch blocks to Python
39. Rhino3dm
Libraries based on OpenNURBS with a RhinoCommon style
40. Tributary
Streaming reactive and dataflow graphs in Python
A fast and memory-optimized string library for heavy-text manipulation in Python
43. Toxygen
Toxygen is pythonic Tox client
44. Docbao
Công cụ quét và phân tích từ khoá các trang báo mạng Việt Nam
45. Leakscraper
LeakScraper is an efficient set of tools to process and visualize huge text files containing credentials. Theses tools are designed to help penetration testers and redteamers doing OSINT by gathering credentials belonging to their target.
46. Jns
jupyter notebook and lab on Raspberry Pi
47. Simon
Simple menubar system monitor for macOS, written in Python with pyobjc.
49. Wikipedia Api
Python wrapper for Wikipedia
50. Awesomescripts
A Collection of Awesome Scripts in Python to Ease Daily-Life. Create an issue If you have some great idea for the new script. Leave a ⭐️
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