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Low-level UI infrastructure & framework for Pharo

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Bloc is a low-level UI infrastructure & framework for Pharo.

⚠️ This repository contains the code for Bloc that may be included in the future in Pharo. It retrofits a part of the development made at This version will focus on core features and stability. We are currently identifying the core we want for Pharo.


The following script installs Bloc in Pharo 8 and 9:

Metacello new
        baseline: 'NewBloc';
        repository: 'github://pharo-graphics/Bloc/src';

Alternatively, you can do it by terminal (MacOS, linux... and should work as well in Windows with MINGW64). Create a directory and execute <this_repo>/scripts/, which first downloads the Pharo image and VM and then loads the project.

License and Contributing

This code is licensed under the MIT license.

If you want to contribute to the project, please read our contributing guide.

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