Top 420 smalltalk open source projects

1. Dolphin
Dolphin Smalltalk Core Image
✭ 227
2. Trufflesqueak
A Squeak/Smalltalk VM and Polyglot Programming Environment for the GraalVM.
4. Pharo Wiki
Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment.
5. Gnu smalltalk koans
A set of tests to teach you Smalltalk
✭ 159
6. Awesome Pharo
A collection of awesome Pharo libraries, tools, frameworks and software.
7. Polymath
Scientific Computing with Pharo
8. Filetree
Monticello repository for directory-based Monticello packages enabling the use of git, svn, etc. for managing Smalltalk source code.
✭ 130
9. Slate Language
The Slate programming language
10. Nas Segm Pytorch
Code for Fast Neural Architecture Search of Compact Semantic Segmentation Models via Auxiliary Cells, CVPR '19
11. Domains
A computational algebra system in Smalltalk.
12. Pharo Vm
Discontinued The PharoVM repository
✭ 122
13. Smalltalk
GNU Smalltalk
✭ 120
14. Ston
STON - Smalltalk Object Notation - A lightweight text-based, human-readable data interchange format for class-based object-oriented languages like Smalltalk.
15. Iceberg
Iceberg is the main toolset for handling VCS in Pharo.
16. Studio
Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment
✭ 108
17. Pharo Launcher
Lets you manage your pharo images and download new ones
✭ 92
19. Pharothings
Live programming platform for IoT projects based on Pharo
20. Hacktoberfest
Contribute to this repository to participate in hacktoberfest
21. Zinc
Zinc HTTP Components is an open-source Smalltalk framework to deal with the HTTP networking protocol.
22. Pharochipdesigner
A little chip design game inspired by KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People by Zachtronics
✭ 59
23. Roassal3
The Roassal Visualization Engine
24. Bloc
Low-level UI infrastructure & framework for Pharo
✭ 53
25. P3
A lean and mean PostgreSQL client for Pharo
27. Pillar
Markup syntax and associated tools to write and generate documentation, books and slides
28. Tinyblogtutorial
A tutorial in French on Pharo's web stack
29. Codeparadise
Web based platform for kids to learn to program using Object Oriented principles in Smalltalk
30. Gitocello
Git O'Cello tries to bridge from Squeak+Monticello to GNU Smalltalk+Git
✭ 32
31. Materialdesignlite
This project prime goal is to bind the google's Material Design Lite project to Seaside and as second goal to build widgets on top of Material Design to help Seaside developers to create web applications with material design faster.
32. Tode
tODE - the Object-centric Development Environment. Smalltalk. development, deconstructed and a development environment for GemStone/S. Part of the GsDevKit tool set.
✭ 28
33. Mirage
A windows switcher with a previewer for Pharo.
✭ 27
34. Git Migration
Utility to migrate code from SmalltalkHub (or any MCZ-based repo) to Git
✭ 27
36. Sparta
Sparta on top of Moz2D for Smalltalk
37. Punqlite
UnQLite binding for Pharo Smalltalk
✭ 11
38. Scamper
A Smalltalk Web Browser for Squeak/Smalltalk
39. Elasticsearch Smalltalk
Elasticsearch for Pharo Smalltalk
40. Parasol
Testing web apps in Smalltalk using Selenium WebDriver.
✭ 23
41. Mqtt Broker
An implementation of a MQTT Client and a Broker in pure Smalltalk for Pharo
✭ 19
43. Ephestos
Ephestos is a collection of tools that tries to optimise Pharo to better fit my workflow which is about working with Unreal Game Engine and Blender
✭ 6
44. Metacello Git
Git support in Monticello
✭ 5
45. Pharo
Pharo is a dynamic reflective pure object-oriented language supporting live programming inspired by Smalltalk.
46. Gtoolkit
Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. It is a live notebook. It is a flexible search interface. It is a fancy code editor. It is a software analysis platform. It is a data visualization engine. All in one.
47. Opensmalltalk Vm
Cross-platform virtual machine for Squeak, Pharo, Cuis, and Newspeak.
48. Seaside
The framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk.
49. Redline Smalltalk
Smalltalk for the JVM
✭ 303
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