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📚 Computer Science Books 计算机技术类书籍 PDF

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📚 List of resources for Algorithms and Data Structures in Python & other CS topics @2017
Stars: ✭ 144 (-95.06%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science, programming, books
Cs Books Pdf
编程电子书pdf,计算机常用电子书整理(高质量/附下载链接)包括 Java, Python, Linux, Go, C, C++, 数据结构与算法, AI人工智能, 计算机基础, 面试, 设计模式, 数据库, 前端等编程书籍。
Stars: ✭ 140 (-95.2%)
Mutual labels:  computer-science, book, programming, books, pdf
Dsa.js Data Structures Algorithms Javascript
🥞Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript + eBook
Stars: ✭ 6,251 (+114.44%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science, book
Awesome Algorithm Books
📚 awesome algorithm books I've collected 【不定期更新】 搜集整理的算法书籍(经典算法、ML/DL算法、面试算法、比赛算法等)
Stars: ✭ 245 (-91.6%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, book, books
My Algorithms and Data Structures studies.
Stars: ✭ 275 (-90.57%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
🔖 ⭐️ Collection of public dev bookmarks, shared with ❤️ from
Stars: ✭ 181 (-93.79%)
Mutual labels:  computer-science, programming, books
This repository is for learning and understanding how algorithms work.
Stars: ✭ 189 (-93.52%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, pdf
Acm Icpc Algorithms
Algorithms used in Competitive Programming
Stars: ✭ 1,281 (-56.05%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, programming
A wiki of tutorials
Stars: ✭ 34 (-98.83%)
Mutual labels:  computer-science, programming, books
Awesome Ai Books
Some awesome AI related books and pdfs for learning and downloading, also apply some playground models for learning
Stars: ✭ 855 (-70.67%)
Mutual labels:  algorithms, books, pdf
Robotics Coursework
🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
Stars: ✭ 1,810 (-37.91%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
Source Code for the Book Classic Computer Science Problems in Python
Stars: ✭ 558 (-80.86%)
Mutual labels:  algorithms, computer-science, book
Awesome Devbook
📕 국내 개발 도서 리스트
Stars: ✭ 351 (-87.96%)
Mutual labels:  book, programming, books
Curated resources
📚 Curated lists for programming, books, movies, music, games, etc
Stars: ✭ 116 (-96.02%)
Mutual labels:  computer-science, programming, books
Algorithms repository.
Stars: ✭ 122 (-95.81%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
Hayate-Shiki is an improved merge sort algorithm with the goal of "faster than quick sort".
Stars: ✭ 84 (-97.12%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, computer-science, programming
Javascript Algorithms
📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
Stars: ✭ 133,406 (+4476.54%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
Coding Interview University
A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.
Stars: ✭ 204,859 (+6927.75%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
Technology books
Premium eBook free for Geeks
Stars: ✭ 115 (-96.05%)
Mutual labels:  book, programming, pdf
C Plus Plus
Collection of various algorithms in mathematics, machine learning, computer science and physics implemented in C++ for educational purposes.
Stars: ✭ 17,151 (+488.37%)
Mutual labels:  algorithm, algorithms, computer-science
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