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A list of conferences connected with data worldwide.
Stars: ✭ 36 (-89.86%)
Mutual labels:  conferences, dataset
The PatchCamelyon (PCam) deep learning classification benchmark.
Stars: ✭ 340 (-4.23%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Tasks Assessing Protein Embeddings (TAPE), a set of five biologically relevant semi-supervised learning tasks spread across different domains of protein biology.
Stars: ✭ 295 (-16.9%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Awesome Segmentation Saliency Dataset
A collection of some datasets for segmentation / saliency detection. Welcome to PR...😄
Stars: ✭ 315 (-11.27%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
A repository of pretty cool datasets that I collected for network science and machine learning research.
Stars: ✭ 302 (-14.93%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Awesome Russian It
📖 🎧 📺 📆 Список полезных русскоязычных ресурсов, связанных с ИТ
Stars: ✭ 323 (-9.01%)
Mutual labels:  conferences
Surface Defect Detection
🐎📈 Constantly summarizing open source dataset and important critical papers in the field of surface defect research which are very important. 🐋
Stars: ✭ 287 (-19.15%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
[ISBI'21] MedMNIST Classification Decathlon: A Lightweight AutoML Benchmark for Medical Image Analysis
Stars: ✭ 338 (-4.79%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Deeperforensics 1.0
[CVPR 2020] A Large-Scale Dataset for Real-World Face Forgery Detection
Stars: ✭ 338 (-4.79%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Transportation Networks for Research
Stars: ✭ 312 (-12.11%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
TOFlow: Video Enhancement with Task-Oriented Flow
Stars: ✭ 314 (-11.55%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
CSS10: A Collection of Single Speaker Speech Datasets for 10 Languages
Stars: ✭ 302 (-14.93%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Profile and monitor your ML data pipeline end-to-end
Stars: ✭ 328 (-7.61%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Cryptocurrency historical price data library in Python. Data from
Stars: ✭ 299 (-15.77%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Eseur Code Data
Code and data used to create the examples in "Evidence-based Software Engineering based on the publicly available data"
Stars: ✭ 340 (-4.23%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Dataset of Linus Torvalds' rants classified by negativity using sentiment analysis
Stars: ✭ 291 (-18.03%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Covid19 twitter
Covid-19 Twitter dataset for non-commercial research use and pre-processing scripts - under active development
Stars: ✭ 304 (-14.37%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Browser Compat Data
This repository contains compatibility data for Web technologies as displayed on MDN
Stars: ✭ 3,710 (+945.07%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Dukemtmc Reid evaluation
ICCV2017 The Person re-ID Evaluation Code for DukeMTMC-reID Dataset (Including Dataset Download)
Stars: ✭ 344 (-3.1%)
Mutual labels:  dataset
Dsprites Dataset
Dataset to assess the disentanglement properties of unsupervised learning methods
Stars: ✭ 340 (-4.23%)
Mutual labels:  dataset