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A computational algebra system in Smalltalk.

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A comprehensive open source computer algebra system for computations in algebra, geometry, and number theory.
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Computer Algebra System in Javascript (Coffeescript)
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C3T: Crash Course Category Theory - A friendly non-mathematician's approach to beginners of Category Theory. 🐱
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An experimental computer algebra system written in Go
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Category Theory Programmers
Category theory in the context of (functional) programming
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A Symbolic Package for Octave using SymPy
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A collection of algorithms and data structures
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Python wrappers for SymEngine
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💥 Interactive and colorful 🎨 graph theory tutorials made using d3.js ⚡️
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Initiative to read research papers
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Mutual labels:  mathematics


A computational algebra system in Smalltalk (Cuis Smalltalk more precisely).

This is a continuation of some projects started in the MathMorphs group in the University of Buenos Aires in 1997 and 1998.

The goal is to build an extensible and mathematically rigorous environment where one can construct mathematical objects (such as groups, rings, modules, algebras, schemes, etc) and operate with them, their morphisms and their elements.

For more details refer to the online documentation in the wiki.

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