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Repository of Twilio SendGrid's product documentation.
Stars: ✭ 221 (+29.24%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, algolia, documentation, markdown
Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.
Stars: ✭ 29,053 (+16890.06%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, open-source, website
Wiki.js | A modern and powerful wiki app built on Node.js
Stars: ✭ 14,985 (+8663.16%)
Mutual labels:  documentation, markdown, open-source
Make your first PR! ~ A beginner-friendly repository made specifically for open source beginners. Add your profile, a blog or any program under any language (it can be anything from a hello-world program to a complex data structure algorithm) or update the existing one. Just make sure to add the file under the correct directory. Happy hacking!
Stars: ✭ 191 (+11.7%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, markdown, open-source
Cordova Docs
Apache Cordova Documentation
Stars: ✭ 315 (+84.21%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, website
TYPEMILL is a simple and lightweight Flat-File-CMS for authors and publishers.
Stars: ✭ 150 (-12.28%)
Mutual labels:  documentation, markdown, website
Documentation Html Template
A Sample Documentation Template for Themes, Templates and Plugins
Stars: ✭ 322 (+88.3%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, website
A static site for the Jenkins automation server
Stars: ✭ 165 (-3.51%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, website
More extensive explanations of Cura slicing settings.
Stars: ✭ 55 (-67.84%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, markdown
Hacktoberfest 2020
Make this Hacktoberfest a learning period and contribute to Great Open Source Projects.
Stars: ✭ 492 (+187.72%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, open-source, website
Interactive code editor with a live binary tree visual designed to teach new developers the fundamentals of dynamic programming.
Stars: ✭ 82 (-52.05%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, open-source, website
📚 Markdown superpowered documentation for Node.js
Stars: ✭ 147 (-14.04%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation, markdown
Highly-extensible PHP Markdown parser which fully supports the CommonMark and GFM specs.
Stars: ✭ 2,128 (+1144.44%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, markdown
Kedro Viz
Visualise your Kedro data pipelines.
Stars: ✭ 149 (-12.87%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, open-source
Gatsby Plugin Algolia
A plugin to push to Algolia based on graphQl queries
Stars: ✭ 154 (-9.94%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, algolia
Gatsby Remark Oembed
A GatsbyJS Plugin that transforms oembed links into its corresponding embed code.
Stars: ✭ 154 (-9.94%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, markdown
Fortune Mod
Implementation of the Unix fortune command for displaying a random quotation, for Linux and other systems.
Stars: ✭ 156 (-8.77%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, open-source
📘 Home Assistant User documentation
Stars: ✭ 2,377 (+1290.06%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation
Project documentation with Markdown.
Stars: ✭ 13,346 (+7704.68%)
Mutual labels:  documentation, markdown
The source for Datadog's documentation site.
Stars: ✭ 147 (-14.04%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, documentation

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