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Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites & apps and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests!
Source code for official Yii website
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C Hypertext Library - A library for writing web applications in C
🎹 Sight reading training tool
🍒 Web server and web framework of Android platform.
A club management system that handles student details, progress, events, achievements, attendance, status updates, teams and workshop registrations. This is the official [email protected] website
Hatch is a brute force tool that is used to brute force most websites
Youtube Dl Rest
Youtube & BiliBili 视频在线解析下载 -- Website for download the Youtube & BiliBili videos.
Genki Study Resources
A collection of exercises for practicing what is taught in Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese.
Narative builds brands, websites and products for growth-minded companies.
Autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite.
Bower Components
[DEPRECATED] Site to discover Bower components
Minimalist Python library for building static websites with Jinja
Node Red Contrib Uibuilder
Easily create data-driven web UI's for Node-RED using any (or no) front-end library. VueJS and bootstrap-vue included but change as desired.
Clojure Site site
Web Launch Checklist
📋 A simple website launch checklist to keep track of the most important enrichment possibilities for a website.
❤️静态响应式网址导航网站 -
One Page Website Html Css Project For Practice
This project is for html & css practice. We made this for youtube tutorial purpose.
a promise website to document and promote
A dead simple comment engine built on top of AWS lambda and React, alternative comment service to Disqus.
Open Source Catalog
Contains the NASA open source software catalog for automatic deployment to
Curated resources that help you build lightning fast websites
A free, responsive, ready to use website ui kit, built with bootstrap 4.
Awesome Deep Learning And Machine Learning Questions
【不定期更新】收集整理的一些网站中(如知乎、Quora、Reddit、Stack Exchange等)与深度学习、机器学习、强化学习、数据科学相关的有价值的问题
2017.9.1 五指cms 4.1.0正式版发布了!更多惊喜请下载安装。网站管理系统,网站内容管理系统,php5+mysql开发。
Official web site of neutralino.js
👨🏻‍🏫 — Web Edukasi Open-Source yang dibuat oleh SYAUQIZAIDAN KHAIRAN KHALAF. Learnify adalah Web edukasi yang dilengkapi video, materi dan sistem ujian yang tersedia secara gratis. Learnify dibuat ditujukan agar para siswa dan guru dapat terus belajar dan mengajar dimana saja dan kapan saja.
Bundle Buddy Webpack Plugin
🐐🐐🐐🐐 bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Boomerang Free Bootstrap Ui Kit
Boomerang is a high quality UI Kit built on top of the well known Bootstrap 4 Framework. This theme was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap with multiple functionalities and controls added, extended color palette and beautiful typography.
Websites And Tools
🔰 分类收藏一些网站、工具和软件,记录一些关于 windows/macOS/linux 系统的使用技巧和软件操作。
Swagger Toolbox
💡 Swagger schema model (in yaml, json) generator from json data, the website for the LBRY protocol
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🌲 Get back to HTML.
Contentify is an esports CMS based on the PHP framework Laravel
A simple image share system in go.
You Dont Need
People choose popular projects, often not because it applies to their problems
Hexo Theme Geektutu
Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS powered by PHP, Markdown, Twig, and Symfony
A high-performance backend cache system. It is intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Well implemented, it can drops the database load to almost nothing, yielding faster page load times for users, better resource utilization. It is simple yet powerful.
Sharex Upload Server
AKA ShareS - Feature full & Stable ShareX and file server in node. Includes images, videos, code, text, markdown rendering, password protected uploads, logging via discord, administration through Discord, url shortening, and a full front end. Use standalone or via reverse proxy
Python Module
Write Nuxt.js applications using Python! [Experimental]
A minimalistic Flutter website template for blogs and portfolios. Demo:
A http flood python script that could stop a normal website in 10s
Fake Terminal Website
A fully customizable terminal-like website template
Flutter Web Demo
🌍 Responsive web app powered by Flutter and Dart
Women In Technology
A collection of resources for women in tech, consisting of - courses, learning guides, amazing sites and repos, blogs, programs and events. scholarships, etc.
A simple confetti animation for your website :)
PluXml, Moteur de Blog et CMS à l'XML sans base de données
Mac app for website auditing and crawling
A static site for the Jenkins automation server
Www Rpcs3
This is a responsive website designed to house and promote the progress of RPCS3, an open-source PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++. This repository is regularly updated.
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