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The dum^H^H^Hsimplest encryption tool in the world.

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The dum^H^H^Hsimplest encryption tool in the world.


Encrypt a file using a password:

encpipe -e -p password -i inputfile -o outputfile

Decrypt a file using a password:

encpipe -d -p password -i inputfile -o outputfile

-i and -o can be set to - or omitted to read/write from the standard input/output.

-P password_file can be used to read the password, or an arbitrary long key (that doesn't have to be text) from a file.

If you don't feel inspired, -G prints a random password.

Example - encrypted file transfer:

nc -l 6666 | encpipe -d -p password
encpipe -e -p password -i /etc/passwd | nc 6666

Example - compressed, encrypted archives:

zstd -5 -v -c "$FILE" | encpipe -e -p "$PASSWD" -o "${FILE}.zst.encpipe"


None. It includes libhydrogen as a submodule. There is nothing to install.


sudo make install


It was faster to write than remember how to use GnuPG and OpenSSL.

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