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📱iOS app to extract full-resolution video frames as images.

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App Store banner.

Frame Grabber is a focused, easy-to-use iOS app to extract full-resolution video frames as images. Perfect to capture and share your favorite video moments.

Download on the App Store

Check out for more info.

Use Cases

Frame Grabber's users make all kinds of great stuff:

  • Find that perfect moment of you snowboarding, surfing or racing
  • Nature videography 🐦
  • Create YouTube thumbnails
  • Cats, it's always cats
  • Grab the cutest look in your selfie videos 💃🏼
  • Simply share your coolest moments with friends
  • Create photo books from holiday clips
  • Accidentally recorded a video when you meant to take a picture? Make a photo out of it.
  • Have trouble taking a pic at just the right moment? Just record a video and grab the perfect frame afterwards.


  • Super easy to use
  • Export frames in full resolution and highest quality
  • Exact frame-by-frame comparison and full zoom to find the perfect moment
  • Works with Live Photos, too
  • Import videos from Files
  • Import videos from other apps like your favorite movie editor
  • Record selfie videos
  • Attach Exif metadata when exporting
  • Choose the export format (JPEG, HEIF) and compression quality


I made it Frame Grabber for two reasons: I've wanted an app like this for the longest time and it seemed perfect in scope to learn iOS development and Swift.

My focus was on making the app feel polished and super easy-to-use. It should be a tool that gets out of your way and feels right at home on your device.

There are not too many fully-featured and polished open source iOS apps out there to study. I wanted to make Frame Grabber available to anyone in hopes other beginners can learn from it. Keep in mind this was my first app so the code is nowhere near to perfect.


Open the project in Xcode and build. The app has no dependencies.


Feel free to open an issue or contact me at [email protected]. Feedback welcome!



Just don't make it weird and re-publish a clone to the App Store.

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