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Licence: mit
Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. It is a live notebook. It is a flexible search interface. It is a fancy code editor. It is a software analysis platform. It is a data visualization engine. All in one.

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Glamorous Toolkit (GT)

Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. It is a live notebook. It is a flexible search interface. It is a fancy code editor. It is a software analysis platform. It is a data visualization engine. All in one. And it is free and open-source under an MIT license.

Glamorous Toolkit overview


The current repository embodies the second generation of GT and it is comprised of a set of distinct components:

  • Inspector: the moldable inspector.
  • Playground: the moldable playground.
  • Documenter: the engine for manipulating live documents.
  • Presenter: the engine for live slide-based storytelling.
  • Debugger: the moldable debugger for Pharo.
  • Coder: the moldable coder for Pharo.
  • Transcript: a rethinking of the classic Transcript taking advantage of the moldable text editor from Bloc.
  • Visualizer: a set of visualization engines on top of Bloc.
  • Examples: the engine for example-driven development.
  • Completer: the moldable completion engine.
  • Phlow: the browsing engine.
  • Releaser: the engine that allows us to manage and release deeply nested projects.
  • Remote: the engine for interaction with remote runtimes.
  • GlamorousToolkit4Git: the environment for manipulating Git.
  • GlamorousToolkit4Smacc: the environment for creating, debugging and testing SmaCC-based parsers.
  • GlamorousToolkit4PetitParser2: the environment for creating, debugging and testing PetitParser2-based parsers.
  • GlamorousToolkit4Famix3: the environment and dedicated algorithms for source code analysis.
  • GlamorousToolkit4XMLSupport: the extensions for manipulating and browsing XML.
  • GlamorousToolkit4Jenkins: the extensions for browsing Jenkins.
  • Demos: a set of demos for Glamorous Toolkit.

Glamorous Toolkit is based on graphical stack made of:

  • Sparta: the graphical canvas
  • Bloc: the graphical framework
  • Brick: the widget set

How to install

Please download it via the instructions available at:

Get the latest vm and the latest code in one step


curl | bash


curl | bash


Using Powershell cd into scripts\localbuild and execute .\windows.ps1



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