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Licence: GPL-3.0 License
JFTSE Open Source MMO Framework

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JFTSE - Java Fantasy Tennis Server Emulator

status in development


JFTSE is an open source project for the game Fantasy Tennis based on AnCoFT.

Its is based on AnCoFT, because back then, I started writing a private server as well, due to my lack of experience in that topic I abandoned it, in that time.
I'm really thankful that AnCoFT started that project as well and reversed the structure of how packets are working etc. and released it! Due to him I could continue and use/utilize packet sniffs I made back then (which has more stuff than AnCoFT project)

Like the title says, it's a server emulator and written in Java.

It is completely open source; community involvement is highly encouraged.


Since it's cross-platform I will not provide download links otherwise I will bloat this. If you use Windows then download them for Windows. If for Linux then download them for Linux.

Name Version
JDK / OpenJDK 15 / 15
Maven ≥ 3.6.3
MySQL 8.0
Any Java capable IDE 1 Any Version
Fantasy Tennis Thai 1.706
  • Also you need a Git CLI or GUI. Doesn't matter which one.

Note: If under Windows, Maven & JDK has to be configured in your PATH variable.


Building the server itself

Getting the source code

git clone -b master git://

This will clone master branch, this is the RECOMMENDED branch for starters.

Compiling the source code

Building the core

cd <path to the recently cloned project>
mvn clean install

This will compile and build the core.

Keeping the code up to date

To update the core files, do the following:

cd <path to the cloned project>
# For master branch
git pull origin master

Afterwards you can build the emulator:

mvn clean install

Running the emulator

Running it the first time

Before you run it the first time, please execute2 the SQL file create_fantasytennis.sql located inside sql/create/.

Build the emulator and run it via:

cd target
java -jar ft_server_emulator.jar

Or you run it from inside your Java IDE if using one.

The emulator will do his first time initialization and the process will take some time. It loades static data like products of the shop etc.
When it says

Emulator successfully started!

Then the initialization was successful and the server is running.

Before you start to play, you have to do 3 more things:

  1. Execute2 the SQL file gameservertype.sql located inside docker/sql/insert/ (execute this first!)
  2. Execute2 the SQL file gameserver.sql located inside docker/sql/insert/
  3. Execute2 the SQL file account.sql located inside docker/sql/insert/

Running it

You run the emulator via:

cd target
java -jar ft_server_emulator.jar

Running client

  1. Download FT Client from :
  2. Unzip and execute it for the first time in order to create configuration files
  3. Edit 'Serverinfo.ini' file to replace the IP ( and Port (5894)
  4. Disable AntiCheat under with IsAntiCheatEnabled=false. A new build is required in order to take this modification
  5. Start the client with 'FantaTennis.exe' and log in with 'test/test'

Reporting issues


Submitting fixes



License: GPL 3.0
Read file LICENSE.



  1. If you want to develop yourself.

  2. You do it inside MySQL. Via CLI or some GUI application, it doesn't matter. 2 3 4

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