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App to share files & texts between your devices without installing anything

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Need to send something quick?

I will just send an email to myself then go to another device, login and download it! 🥳

or you could use

Running live: 🚀


Run from docker hub

docker run -p 5050:80 mustakimali/justaml

Should be running in http://localhost:5050

Run locally

Using Docker

  • Build the docker image: make docker-build
  • Run make docker-run
  • Access the app using localhost:5050

Building the code

  • Make sure you have latest preview of .NET Core SDK 6 installed (you can use this script to install latest nightly build and use dotnet-pre instead of dotnet below)
  • Clone
  • cd src\JustSending
  • dotnet run or dotnet watch run
  • Should be running in http://localhost:5000

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