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Build Your Own X
🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)
Free Programming Books Zh cn
📚 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿
Startbootstrap Sb Admin
Start Bootstrap is an open source library of free Bootstrap templates and themes. All of the free templates and themes on Start Bootstrap are released under the MIT license, which means you can use them for any purpose, even for commercial projects.
Startbootstrap One Page Wonder
A simple, one page, Bootstrap HTML website template created by Start Bootstrap
Startbootstrap Bare
A bare Bootstrap HTML starter template for rapid development - created by Start Bootstrap
Warehouse Inventory System
Open source inventory management system with php and mysql
Notes about programming, advices, algorithms and a lot of good stuff with Java
Udemy Course Grabber
A script/software for automatically enrolling/joining 100% discounted Udemy courses for free. Get Paid Udemy courses for free with just a few clicks.
Mongodb Quickstart Course
Course demos and handout material for Talk Python's MongoDB Quickstart course
Free multi-purpose WordPress theme
Super simple & easy Windows 10 cryptocurrency miner made by NiceHash.
Startbootstrap Blog Home
A Bootstrap HTML template for blog homepages - created by Start Bootstrap
The best free email forwarding for custom domains (Web Server)
Free opensource Learning Resources related to Web-Development A to Z 🔥❤
Pterodactyl is an open-source game server management panel built with PHP 7, React, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to end users.
Unsplash rb
💎 Ruby wrapper for the Unsplash API.
An actual, updated, cheat. Works great and we reply fast.
Startbootstrap Blog Post
A Bootstrap HTML template for blog posts - created by Start Bootstrap
Linkedin Skill Assessments Quizzes
Full reference of LinkedIn answers 2021 for skill assessments, LinkedIn test, questions and answers (aws-lambda, rest-api, javascript, react, git, html, jquery, mongodb, java, Go, python, machine-learning, power-point) linkedin excel test lösungen, linkedin machine learning test
👨🏻‍🏫 — Web Edukasi Open-Source yang dibuat oleh SYAUQIZAIDAN KHAIRAN KHALAF. Learnify adalah Web edukasi yang dilengkapi video, materi dan sistem ujian yang tersedia secara gratis. Learnify dibuat ditujukan agar para siswa dan guru dapat terus belajar dan mengajar dimana saja dan kapan saja.
Boomerang Free Bootstrap Ui Kit
Boomerang is a high quality UI Kit built on top of the well known Bootstrap 4 Framework. This theme was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap with multiple functionalities and controls added, extended color palette and beautiful typography.
Startbootstrap Freelancer
Start Bootstrap is an open source library of free Bootstrap themes and templates. All of the free themes and templates on Start Bootstrap are released under the MIT license, which means you can use them for any purpose, even for commercial projects.
Vocaluxe is an open source singing game inspired by SingStar™ and Ultrastar Deluxe.
✭ 190
Free Gophers Pack
✨ This pack of 100+ gopher pictures and elements will help you to build own design of almost anything related to Go Programming Language: presentations, posts in blogs or social media, courses, videos and many, many more.
sogeBot - Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js
Awesome Vpn
Free VPN/proxy,server,account,link list.,实时更新免费的代理,科学上网,翻墙,梯子,服务器,客户端,账号
Startbootstrap Full Slider
A full page image slider Bootstrap HTML template created by Start Bootstrap
科学上网,ss, ssr, v2ray, trojan, clash, clashr,翻墙机场推荐
A modbus master and slave test tool with import and export functionality, supports TCP, UDP and RTU.
Awesome Iconjar
44 Collect free icon sets for iconjar. 收集免费的图标包,iconjar 格式(44套)。
⛳ Simple, extensible, header-only C++17 argument parser released into the public domain.
Typescript Book
📚 The definitive guide to TypeScript and possibly the best TypeScript book 📖. Free and Open Source 🌹
Armadito Av
Armadito antivirus main repository
Heroku Telegram Bot
Starter pack to host your Python Telegram Bot on Heroku for free.
Php Antimalware Scanner
AMWScan (PHP Antimalware Scanner) is a free tool to scan php files and analyze your project to find any malicious code inside it.
Loco Answers
Open Source Android App for answers in TRIVIA GAMES
Garhal csgo
A project that demonstrates how to screw with CSGO from Kernel Space. (CSGO Kernel Cheat/Hack) All cleaned up, and with updated offsets.
🚀 jsonstore offers a free and secured JSON-based cloud datastore for small projects | Inactive
Book list
Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science Books
Libmacgpg Free
A drop-in replacement for GPGTools libmacgpg that disables the paywall (free MacGPG)
Shiny geoip
IP to location API service
Starrtc Server
Books Collection
To the programmer's open source and free books collection 给程序员的开源、免费书籍收集,图书集合。
iOS Music App that let you search, download and play music
Im android
GoBelieveIO IM android sdk
Cloudflare Cors Anywhere
CORS "anywhere" proxy in a Cloudflare worker. DEMO at:
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