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Licence: MIT license
Quran app built with Flutter

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REST API Al-Quran Indonesia dengan terjemahan, tafsir (Kemenag, Quraish Shihab, Al-Jalalain), audio murottal (per surah dan ayat dari 6 qori), random ayat.
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Common components to be used across, and
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Various tools for Parsing Quran Tajweed, Buck, etc.
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Download APK

Quran app built with Flutter

How to build from source

You can use global flutter commands as usual, or you can install fvm:

  • Install fvm
  • Install specific flutter version with fvm install theversion, see pubspec.yaml to see the flutter version
  • Run any flutter commands with fvm flutter ... instead of flutter ...


  • Support dark and ligth theme
  • Multiple translations
  • Bookmark ayat
  • And some basic features

There is still so much to improve (playing audio, ayah for today, etc) if you want to contribute whether it's a feature or a bug you can send a Pull Request, maybe I can check it out

Screenshot (Dark theme)

Screenshot (Light theme)

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