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Flutter Osc
基于Google Flutter的开源中国客户端,支持Android和iOS。
Flutter amap location
Ozzie is your testing friend. Ozzie will take an screenshot during integration tests whenever you need. Ozzie will capture performance reports for you.
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Flutter firebase
Flutter UI with different widgets and firebase authentication email and gmail
A powerful & easy to use timeline package for Flutter! 🚀
Extended text field
extended official text field to quickly build special text like inline image, @somebody, custom background etc.
A Facebook & Twitter Like Card Loading Shimmer Skeleton Library.
Bga issue blog
Flutter 或 Vue 全家桶(Vue + VueRouter + Vuex + Axios)抓取 GitHub 上的 Issues,结合 GitHub Pages 搭建个人博客站点,支持 GitHub 登录和评论
Flutter Demos
Learn to develop mobile apps using Flutter for both Android and iOS
Running Flutter on Xamarin
Fultter Example App
一个功能完整齐全的Bloc模式Flutter App项目。🍨更关注架构的SPA应用。,使用Node作为后台系统,使用了部分官方plugin,大体功能自己封装。🥰 有用请Star。
Pin code fields
A flutter package which will help you to generate pin code fields with beautiful design and animations. Can be useful for OTP or pin code inputs 🤓🤓
Docker Android Build Box
An optimized docker image includes Android, Kotlin, Flutter sdk.
⚗️ a privacy centric matrix client
Flutter translate
Flutter Translate is a fully featured localization / internationalization (i18n) library for Flutter.
Super Fast Cross Platform Database for Flutter & Web Apps
Plus plugins
Flutter Community Plus Plugins
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Flutter music app
First Open Source Flutter based material design music player with audio plugin to play online music
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Flutter Nfc Reader
Flutter NFC reader plugin for iOS and Android
Flutter Icons
Customizable Icons for Flutter 💥
Form bloc
🔥 Dart and Flutter Package 🔥 Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern 🔥 Wizard/stepper forms, asynchronous validation, dynamic and conditional fields, submission progress, serialization and more! 🔥
Responsive scaffold
Responsive Scaffold - On mobile it shows a list and pushes to details and on tablet it shows the List and the selected item. Maintainer: @rodydavis
Jiffy is a Flutter (Android, IOS and Web) date time package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating, querying and formatting dates
Prism is a beautiful open-source wallpapers app for Android. It is built with Dart on top of Google's Flutter Framework.
Flutter Keep
A note-taking app built with Flutter + Firebase
Dart 汉字转拼音,Flutter, web, other
Objectbox Dart
ObjectBox for Dart/Flutter
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CryptoCurrency Tracker for Android & iOS built with @flutter
Flutter widget from html
A Flutter package to render html as widgets. Supports IFRAME, VIDEO and many other tags.
Titled navigation bar
A beautiful and simple bottom navigation bar with smooth animation when switching selected item.
Tiktok gestures
使用Flutter仿写TikTok的手势交互(use flutter to mimic gestures in tiktok)
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Flutter dropdown menu
A dropdown menu for Flutter.
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Flip box bar
A 3D Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter
Wiredash Sdk
Interactive user feedback tool for Flutter 🎉
🐾 Flutter 广告SDK-字节跳动-穿山甲 集成
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Flutter installer
Flutter Installer is an installer for Flutter built with Flutter 💙😎✌
Flutter fluid slider
A fluid design slider that works just like the Slider material widget.
Flutter custom clippers
Flutter package that provides you custom clippers to help you achieve various custom shapes.
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Flutter payment app ui
Flutter Liquid Pay Payment App Concept
Story view
Story view for apps with stories.
Tourism Demo
Flutter app backed by Redux, shows animations, internationalization (i18n), ClipPath, fonts and others...
Overlay support
a flutter toast and notification library
Getx pattern
Design pattern designed to standardize your projects with GetX on Flutter.
Flutter Masked Text
A masked text for Flutter.
Awesome Flame
An awesome list that curates the best Flame games, projects, libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
Flutter2googlesheets Demo
A Demo application📱 which stores User feedback from 💙Flutter application into Google Sheets🗎 using Google AppScript.
AGenericClient 泛客户端开发,其中包括小程序、快应用、H5、移动 App、桌面应用、游戏开发,涉及到了:uni-app、Taro 多端统一开发框架、ReactNative和Flutter 移动端跨平台开发框架、以及移动端Native Android开发、桌面跨平台Electron 掌握多端开发
Pokemon App with animations and beautiful UI
Flutter commonapp
打造一款通用的AppUI结构,包括登录、注册等通用 UI 界面及各工具类和公共部分。
Flutter Sample
A fully working boilerplate sample Flutter app implementation.
Graphql Flutter
A GraphQL client for Flutter, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.
Time tracker flutter course
Source code for every lesson in the "Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android" course on Udemy
Screenshots: A command line utility and package for capturing screenshots for Flutter
Actingweb firstapp
Starter app for Flutter that includes many different production app features; some not typically included in demo apps.
Sy flutter widgets
纯flutter Widget组件库,不依赖Native及其它第三方package。包括省市区选择器,Rate评分,Stepper步进器,照片墙,地址编辑,自带加载更多的ListView和GridView
Todolist flutter
🎓Flutter TodoList tutorial
Portfolio Demo
A portfolio build by using flutter for web.
Flutter + V8/JsCore 动态化
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