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R2DBC database migration tool & library

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R2DBC migration tool

Maven Central Docker Image Version (latest semver) Build Status

Inspired by this announcement. R2DBC page.

Supported databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • H2
  • MariaDB

It also supports user-provided dialect. You can pass implementation of SqlQueries interface to the migrate() method. If you use Spring Boot, just define a bean of type SqlQueries. Example SimplePostgresqlDialect.


  • Convention-based file names, for example V3__insert_to_customers__split,nontransactional.sql
  • Pre-migration scripts, for example V0__create_schemas__premigration.sql. Those scripts are invoked every time before entire migration process(e. g. before migration tables created), so you need to make them idempotent. You can use zero or negative version number(s): V-1__create_schemas__nontransactional,premigration.sql
  • It waits until database has been started, then performs test query, and validates its result. This can be useful for the initial data loading into database with docker-compose
  • Supports migrations files larger than -Xmx: file will be split line-by-line (split modifier), then it will be loaded by chunks into the database
  • Supports lock, that make you able to start number of replicas your microservice, without care of migrations collide each other
  • Each migration runs in the separated transaction by default
  • It also supports nontransactional migrations, due to SQL Server 2017 prohibits CREATE DATABASE in the transaction
  • Docker image
  • First-class Spring Boot integration, see example below
  • Also you can use this library without Spring (Boot), see library example below
  • This library tends to be non-invasive, consequently it intentionally doesn't try to parse SQL and make some decisions relying on. So (in theory) you can freely update database and driver's version

All available configuration options are in R2dbcMigrateProperties class. Their descriptions are available in your IDE Ctrl+Space help or in spring-configuration-metadata.json file.


  • Currently, this library heavy relies on upsert-like syntax like CREATE TABLE .. ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING. As a result, this library doesn't support run against H2 with MODE=PostgreSQL. Use testcontainers with real PostgreSQL.
  • Only migration forward is supported. No migration back.
  • No checksum validation. So no repeatable migrations.



docker pull nkonev/r2dbc-migrate:latest

Spring Boot Starter


Only library


If you use library, you need also use some implementation of r2dbc-migrate-resource-reader-api, for example:


See Library example below.

Standalone application

If you want to build your own docker image you will be able to do this

curl -Ss > /tmp/migrate.jar

Spring Boot Example

Library example

docker-compose v3 example

version: '3.7'
    image: nkonev/r2dbc-migrate:VERSION
      _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx128m
      spring.r2dbc.url: "r2dbc:pool:mssql://mssqlcontainer:1433"
      spring.r2dbc.username: sa
      spring.r2dbc.password: "yourSuperStrong(!)Password"
      r2dbc.migrate.resourcesPath: "file:/migrations/*.sql"
      r2dbc.migrate.validationQuery: "SELECT collation_name as result FROM sys.databases WHERE name = N'master'"
      r2dbc.migrate.validationQueryExpectedResultValue: "Cyrillic_General_CI_AS"
      - ./migrations:/migrations
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