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Google Analytics component for React Router

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Google Analytics component for React Router. Bear in mind this is a super simple implementation that only logs page views. Logging of custom events, exceptions, user timings or social interactions is currently not supported.


Prop Type Description Default value
id string Google Analytics tracking ID Required
basename string If provided, react-router-ga will prepend the basename to the pathname of each page view. (This should match the basename provided to the React Router BrowserRouter component. See here for documentation.) -
debug boolean If enabled, react-router-ga will log all page views to the console false
trackPathnameOnly boolean If enabled, react-router-ga will only send page views when the pathname changed false

Usage Example

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { BrowserRouter } from 'react-router-dom';
import Analytics from 'react-router-ga';
import { Home, Login, NoMatch } from './components';

    <Analytics id="UA-123456789-0" debug>
        <Route exact path="/" component={Home}/>
        <Route exact path="/login" component={Login} />
        <Route component={NoMatch} />

Demo App

You can also have a look at the demo app in the example directory. This app is bootstrapped with create-react-app and is making use of both react-router and react-router-ga.

Probably the code sample you are looking for is in the example/src/index.js file.


This project has [email protected]^16.0.0 and [email protected]^4.0.0 as peer dependencies.

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