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spoof authentication data for Siri

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Sirious now works on the iPhone 4S. It works completely differently than it would on any other device: if installed, it will cache working authentication data to com.n00neimp0rtant.sirious.plist. Copy a preference file from a 4S with Sirious to another device with Sirious, and it will authenticate until the keys expire.

Not to be confused with the defunct "Siri0us," the dictation-only port.

Please allow me to clarify exactly what this tweak does. If you can get your hands on authentication data from a 4S using Applidium's siriServer.rb script (at least until a 4S jailbreak), this tweak will inject it into Siri and let you use if until the data expires within 24 hours.

Sirious assumes that you ALREADY have some sort of Siri GUI installed. I won't provide any links/names, but you can figure it out.

I will NOT help any longer with getting the certificates, Ruby, required gems, etc working on your computer. That alone can take hours to do.

Here's how to do it:

1. Install Sirious.deb on both a 4S and a non-4S device.
2. Activate Siri on the 4S.
3. Copy com.n00neimp0rtant.sirious.plist from /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ to the same directory on the non-4S.
4. Activate Siri on the non-4S, and it should connect.

I left the convertValidationData.rb file in case you still want to grab your auth data the old way.

But seriously guys if you want siri that bad then just shell out for access to a working proxy like or something.

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