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2. React Native
A framework for building native applications using React
4. React Native Vector Icons
Customizable Icons for React Native with support for image source and full styling.
5. Realm Cocoa
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite
7. Xbar
Put the output from any script or program into your macOS Menu Bar (the BitBar reboot)
8. Helib
HElib is an open-source software library that implements homomorphic encryption. It supports the BGV scheme with bootstrapping and the Approximate Number CKKS scheme. HElib also includes optimizations for efficient homomorphic evaluation, focusing on effective use of ciphertext packing techniques and on the Gentry-Halevi-Smart optimizations.
9. Harpy
Harpy checks a user's currently installed version of your iOS app against the version that is currently available in the App Store. If a new version is available, an alert can be presented to the user informing them of the newer version, and giving them the option to update the application.
10. Bilibili wuxianda
高仿Bilibili客户端 - ( ゜- ゜)つロ 乾杯~
11. Alamofireobjectmapper
An Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into swift objects using ObjectMapper
12. Localize Swift
Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching
13. Jrswizzle
one-stop-shop for all your method swizzling needs
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14. Menumeters
my fork of MenuMeters by
15. Inkpad
Vector illustration app for the iPad.
16. Svwebviewcontroller
A drop-in inline browser for your iOS app.
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17. React Native Swipeout
iOS-style swipeout buttons behind component
18. Mzformsheetcontroller
MZFormSheetController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup controller size and feel form sheet.
19. Reactnativereduxcasts
Companion Repo for The Complete React Native and Redux Course
20. Easytipview
Fully customisable tooltip view in Swift for iOS.
21. Ono
A sensible way to deal with XML & HTML for iOS & macOS
22. Mrprogress
Collection of iOS drop-in components to visualize progress
23. Tabanimated
A skeleton screen framework based on native for iOS. (一个由iOS原生组件映射出骨架屏的框架,包含快速植入,低耦合,兼容复杂视图等特点,提供国内主流骨架屏动画的加载方案,同时支持上拉加载更多、自定制动画。)
24. React Native Lightbox
Images etc in Full Screen Lightbox Popovers for React Native
25. Mdcswipetochoose
Swipe to "like" or "dislike" any view, just like Build a flashcard app, a photo viewer, and more, in minutes, not hours!
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26. Rxdatasources
UITableView and UICollectionView Data Sources for RxSwift (sections, animated updates, editing ...)
27. React Native Fetch Blob
This project was started in the cause of solving issue facebook/react-native#854, React Native's lacks of Blob implementation which results into problems when transferring binary data.
28. Fdstackview
Use UIStackView directly in iOS6+
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30. Playgrounds
Better playgrounds that work both for Objective-C and Swift
31. Sialertview
An UIAlertView replacement with block syntax and fancy transition styles.
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32. Nyximageskit
A set of efficient categories for UIImage class. It allows filtering, resizing, masking, rotating, enhancing... and more.
33. Code
Code for the book "Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects" by Packt Publishing 2012.
36. Pstcollectionview
Open Source, 100% API compatible replacement of UICollectionView for iOS4.3+
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38. Bemcheckbox
Tasteful Checkbox for iOS. (Check box)
39. Vegascroll
↕️ VegaScroll is a lightweight animation flowlayout for UICollectionView completely written in Swift 4, compatible with iOS 11 and Xcode 9.
40. Parchment
A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu ✨
41. Animatedtransitiongallery
A gallery app of custom animated transitions for iOS.
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42. Locationmanager
Easily get the device's current location on iOS.
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43. Yoga
Yoga is a cross-platform layout engine which implements Flexbox. Follow for updates.
45. F8app
Source code of the official F8 app of 2017, powered by React Native and other Facebook open source projects.
47. Reel Search
🔍 RAMReel is a UI controller that allows you to choose options from a list. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion
48. Sokol
minimal cross-platform standalone C headers
49. Unshaky
A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard [not actively maintained]
50. Retableviewmanager
Powerful data driven content manager for UITableView.
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