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A Meteor package for creating friendship functionality within your app.

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Provides social network style Friend Requests and Friendships.

This is a Meteor package with part of it's code published as a companion NPM package made to work with React Native. This allows your Meteor and React Native projects that use this package to share code between them to give you a competitive advantage when bringing your mobile and web application to market.

Supporting The Project

Finding the time to maintain FOSS projects can be quite difficult. I am myself responsible for over 30 personal projects across 2 platforms, as well as Multiple others maintained by the Meteor Community Packages organization. Therfore, if you appreciate my work, I ask that you either sponsor my work through GitHub, or donate via Paypal or Patreon. Every dollar helps give cause for spending my free time fielding issues, feature requests, pull requests and releasing updates. Info can be found in the "Sponsor this project" section of the GitHub Repo


This package relies on the npm package simpl-schema so when using with Meteor, you will need to make sure it is installed as well.

meteor npm install --save simpl-schema
meteor add socialize:messaging

React Native Installation

When using this package with React Native, the dependency tree ensures that simpl-schema is loaded so there's no need to install it as when using within Meteor.

npm install --save @socialize/user-friendships


When using with React Native, you'll need to connect to a server which hosts the server side Meteor code for your app using Meteor.connect as per the @socialize/react-native-meteor documentation.

Basic Usage

When using this package with React Native you will need to import the package to cause the user class to be properly extended. This way new instances of the User class returned from Meteor.users find and findOne methods as well as Meteor.user() will have this packages methods available on them.

import '@socialize/friendships';


Meteor.user().requests().fetch(); // fetch all the requests from other users
Meteor.user().pendingRequests().fetch() // fetch all requests to other users

For a more in depth explanation of how to use this package see


This package implements the socialize:requestable package to allow friendship requests between users

Requests are created by calling user.requestFriendship where user is an instance of the User class. The request will be created as a request from the currently logged in user to the user represented by user.

Other methods for retaining information about requests or interacting with requests pertaining to the current user are also available on the User class and are detailed in the User Extensions section of


This package also implements blocking of other users through the socialize:user-blocking package and will not allow requests from blocked users. Also if a user is blocked and the user is a friend at the time of blocking, the friendship will be severed as well. For more information about the user-blocking API, refer to it's package documentation.

Scalability - Redis Oplog

This package implements cultofcoders:redis-oplog's namespaces to provide reactive scalability as an alternative to Meteor's livedata. Use of redis-oplog is not required and will not engage until you install the cultofcoders:redis-oplog package and configure it.

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