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Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment

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Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment.

Studio imports dense and "messy" diagnostic data in an application's own native formats, then it applies all the tools that are needed to extract useful information, and finally it presents the results in an interactive graphical user interface.

Getting Started

Studio runs on Linux/x86-64 and publishes its GUI via VNC. You can run Studio on a Linux server, or in a Docker container on Linux/macOS/Windows, or in a virtual machine. You can then access the GUI from anywhere using a VNC client. (You can also run Studio directly via X11 if you prefer.)

Connecting with VNC

Once you have Studio running in VNC mode you can connect to the GUI like this:

vncviewer hostname:1

where hostname is the machine running Studio and :1 is the VNC desktop number (corresponding to TCP port 5901.)

We recommend using a VNC client such as TigerVNC that supports automatically resizing the desktop to match your client window.

Running Studio in Docker

You can run Studio via the Dockerhub repository studioproject/master. Studio CI automatically publishes the latest working build of the master branch (and every other branch) to Dockerhub for easy installation.

Here is a one-liner to start Studio in a Docker container (on macOS/Windows this automatically runs inside a Linux VM):

docker run --rm -ti -p studioproject/master vnc

You can then connect to the GUI on this machine using VNC display :1 because TCP port 5901 is forwarded into the container. (If you want to use a different display number then change the first :5901 to a higher number.)

Docker tips:

  • docker pull studioproject/master will upgrade to the latest Studio image from CI.
  • docker run ... studioproject/FOO will run Studio from the branch named FOO (for any value of FOO.)
  • docker build . will build the Docker container for Studio from source.
  • docker run -v /:/host ... bind-mounts local files to be accessible to Studio under /host/* from inside the container.

Running Studio directly on Linux

You can also run Studio on Linux directly from source:

# Install the Nix package manager to automatically manage dependencies.
curl | sh

# Setup Cachix to speed up Nix by downloading cached binaries when available.
# (This step is optional but recommended.)
nix-env -iA cachix -f
cachix use studio 

# Download and run Studio
git clone
studio/bin/studio vnc  # or x11

Hacking Studio

... To be written!

Studio screenshot
RaptorJIT IR visualization example

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