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The ebook version of Tom Ryder's series on the Unix programming environment

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Koodo Reader
A modern ebook manager and reader with sync and backup capacities for Windows, macOS, Linux and Web
Stars: ✭ 2,938 (+832.7%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
The EbookReader Android App. Support file format like epub, pdf, txt, html, mobi, azw, azw3, html, doc, docx,cbz, cbr. Support tts.
Stars: ✭ 37 (-88.25%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Calibre Web
📚 Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database
Stars: ✭ 5,616 (+1682.86%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Stars: ✭ 62 (-80.32%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Commandline tool for converting between several e-books formats, based on Calibre project.
Stars: ✭ 21 (-93.33%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Qt based ebook reader
Stars: ✭ 1,218 (+286.67%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Ethereum Development With Go Book
📖 A little book on Ethereum Development with Go (golang)
Stars: ✭ 754 (+139.37%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Laravel Book
Up to date Epub, Mobi and PDF versions from the official Laravel Docs
Stars: ✭ 221 (-29.84%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
A content downloader, capable of retrieving works of (fan)fiction from the web and saving them in a few common file formats.
Stars: ✭ 22 (-93.02%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
The Economist Ebooks
经济学人(含音频)、纽约客、自然、新科学人、卫报、科学美国人、连线、大西洋月刊、新闻周刊、国家地理等英语杂志免费下载、订阅(kindle推送),支持epub、mobi、pdf格式, 每周更新. The Economist 、The New Yorker 、Nature、The Atlantic 、New Scientist、The Guardian、Scientific American、Wired、Newsweek magazines, free download and subscription for kindle, mobi、epub、pdf format.
Stars: ✭ 3,471 (+1001.9%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Asciidoctor Epub3
📘 Asciidoctor EPUB3 is a set of Asciidoctor extensions for converting AsciiDoc to EPUB3 & KF8/MOBI
Stars: ✭ 166 (-47.3%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
Open Publisher
Using Jekyll to create outputs that can be used as Pandoc inputs. In short - input markdown, output mobi, epub, pdf, and print-ready pdf. With a focus on fiction.
Stars: ✭ 242 (-23.17%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, mobi, epub
📕 "任阅" 网络小说阅读器,3D翻页效果、txt/pdf/epub书籍阅读、Wifi传书~
Stars: ✭ 6,113 (+1840.63%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
Easily download the main content of a web page in html, markdown, and/or epub format from command line.
Stars: ✭ 15 (-95.24%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
Soma blueprint for a better ePub stylesheet
Stars: ✭ 23 (-92.7%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
A tool to manipulate ePub files.
Stars: ✭ 17 (-94.6%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
bookmate downloader
Download books as epub from
Stars: ✭ 38 (-87.94%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
A Nintendo Switch eBook Reader
Stars: ✭ 15 (-95.24%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub
📚 NodeJS爬虫 + percollate获取网络教程并转成PDF电子书,持续更新
Stars: ✭ 62 (-80.32%)
Mutual labels:  mobi, epub
Manage all your ebooks and send them to your reader
Stars: ✭ 35 (-88.89%)
Mutual labels:  ebook, epub

Unix as IDE

Unix as IDE

The ebook version of the series of posts by Tom Ryder, originally posted on his website.

Built with the help of Beautiful Soup, Pandoc, kindlegen, and Vim.

This book is also available on

Cover by Eric Hellman.


© Tom Ryder, CC BY-NC-SA

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