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FREE university courses in ML from Top Universities in CS
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Stefan Bund's Client-side Web Development

Fall 2019 Term Instructional Media:

  1. aug 29 ,gatsby get started guide, or alternatively, use to get started
  2. sept 10, styling components using CSS modules in react,
  3. CSS fundamentals, to employ inside your new react components, , then go to to investigate... We will utilize examples posted at
  4. on div styling,
  5. css grids,
  6. guide to creating your own Linux instance on EC2/AWS:
  7. project guide, what to turn in on october 1-3 for first project,
  8. oct 1, introducting bootstrap
  9. oct 3, the boostrap rubric: container, row, column, input and buttons, radios and checkbox UI elements,
  10. UI elements in CSS3 Bootstrap: text inputs, radios, checkboxes, tooltips, praefills and classic buttons,
  11. cards, containers, card decks in bootstrap and ecommerce layouts, Javascript Elements
  12. integrating javascript into html pages, getElementById, manipulating the DOM, adding html elements, augmenting properties of html elements in the DOM, interactivity, basic UI elements (buttons, text inputs, links), programming with links and the window object, Movie version of lectures:

12.1. set up amazon hosting via S3, 12.2. core html, js, css, 12.3. javascript generating DOM nodes via create element, 12.4. assignment one notes on drop down menus,

  1. javascript phase 2:

13.1 url parameters, 13.2 responsive interactivity, data iteration and divs, integrating custom css into interactive elements via appendChild,

Prior terms, spring '19:

Phase 0 Team Build, Syllabus

  1. go to to construct teams.
  2. go to to view our motivational starter talk
  3. please download the 'industry affinity' spreadsheet from blackboard, then view this tutorial on how to create teams with the data here,

Phase 1 lesssons

  1. set up amazon hosting via S3,
  2. core html, js, css,
  3. javascript generating DOM nodes via create element,
  4. assignment one notes on drop down menus,

Phase 2

  1. understand url parameters, and make them happen,
  2. integrating url parameters, for-loop iteration into a responsive image gallery

Phase 3

  1. Extensive tutorial on JQuery programming, cookies, CSS3 grids and DIY responsive design,

Phase 4

  1. Creating complete responsive websites using Bootstrap,

Phase 5

  1. Creating a github organization, repository, and adding members to a team,,-project-and-team
  2. basic collaboration steps,
  3. github's own guides to collaboration,

Outstanding Reference Material

  1. MDN beginner's reference,
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