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An open source project aimed at making your student life easier!

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An open source project aimed at making your student life easier!



  • [ ] Type/Paste your assignments and get handwritten ones to download directly! Bye-Bye Pen&Paper
  • [ ] Make Sketches/Diagrams/Figures for your assignments/presentations
  • [ ] Media Manager
    • [ ] PDF Spliter
    • [ ] PDF Merger
    • [ ] PNG to JPG
    • [ ] JPG to PNG
    • [ ] PNG to WEBP
    • [ ] WEBP to PNG
    • [ ] JPG to WEBP
    • [ ] WEBP to PNG
    • [ ] JIFF to PNG
    • [ ] JIFF to JPG
    • [ ] PNG(multiple) to PDF

Basic structure of the project repository 🗃️📂

|- readme_assets   # Contains all the images used for the README.MD
|- public          # Contains the stylesheets, images and fonts. Any files within this directory will not be processed by Webpack but copied directly to the build folder.
|- src:            # Contains all source code for the React application.
    |- App.js
    |- index.css
    |- index.js
    |-assets         # Contains all the community brand assets
    |-components     # Contains all the components used within the app.
    |-fonts          # Contains all the fonts 
    |-pages          # Contains all the sections of the page.
          |- 404
          |- Home
          |- Editor
          |- Sketch
    |-seo # Contains code for meta tags using react-helmet

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              Anush Bhatia

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