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Cryptographic javascript-functions for ethereum and tutorials to use them with web3js and solidity

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Cryptographic javascript-functions for ethereum and tutorials on how to use them together with web3js and solidity.




  npm install eth-crypto --save
// es6
import EthCrypto from 'eth-crypto';

// node
const EthCrypto = require('eth-crypto');



Creates a new ethereum-identity with privateKey, publicKey and address as hex-string.

  const identity = EthCrypto.createIdentity();
  /* > {
      address: '0x3f243FdacE01Cfd9719f7359c94BA11361f32471',
      privateKey: '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2dacf998a0a9124acbb786f0fd1a826101581a07',
      publicKey: 'bf1cc3154424dc22191941d9f4f50b063a2b663a2337e5548abea633c1d06ece...'
  } */

You can also create an identity by providing your own entropy-buffer. Use this with caution, a bad entropy can result in an unsecure private key.

  const entropy = Buffer.from('f2dacf...', 'utf-8'); // must contain at least 128 chars
  const identity = EthCrypto.createIdentity(entropy);
  /* > {
      address: '0x59c8d4d645B0a3b230DE368d815ebDE372d37Ea8',
      privateKey: '0x18cea40e44624867ddfd775b2898cdb2da29b4be92ee072b9eb02d43b6f2473a',
      publicKey: '991ce4643653ef452327ee3d1a56af19c84599d340ffd427e784...'
  } */


Derives the publicKey from a privateKey and returns it as hex-string.

  const publicKey = EthCrypto.publicKeyByPrivateKey(
  // > 'bf1cc3154424dc22191941d9f4f50b063a2b663a2337e5548abea633c1d06ece...'


Derives the ethereum-address from the publicKey.

  const address = EthCrypto.publicKey.toAddress(
  // > '0x3f243FdacE01Cfd9719f7359c94BA11361f32471'


Compresses an uncompressed publicKey.

  const address = EthCrypto.publicKey.compress(
  // > '03a34d6aef3eb42335fb3cacb59478c0b44c0bbeb8bb4ca427dbc7044157a5d24b' // compressed keys start with '02' or '03'


Decompresses a compressed publicKey.

  const address = EthCrypto.publicKey.decompress(
  // > 'a34d6aef3eb42335fb3cacb5947' // non-compressed keys start with '04' or no prefix


Signs the hash with the privateKey. Returns the signature as hex-string.

  const message = 'foobar';
  const messageHash = EthCrypto.hash.keccak256(message);
  const signature = EthCrypto.sign(
      '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2dacf998a0a9124acbb786f0fd1a826101581a07', // privateKey
      messageHash // hash of message
  // > '0xc04b809d8f33c46ff80c44ba58e866ff0d5..'


Recovers the signers address from the signature.

    const signer = EthCrypto.recover(
      EthCrypto.hash.keccak256('foobar') // signed message hash
  // > '0x3f243FdacE01Cfd9719f7359c94BA11361f32471'


Recovers the signers publicKey from the signature.

    const signer = EthCrypto.recoverPublicKey(
      '0xc04b809d8f33c46ff80c44ba58e866ff0d5..', // signature
      EthCrypto.hash.keccak256('foobar') // message hash
  // > 'bf1cc3154424dc22191941d9f4f50b063a2b663a2337e5548abea633c1d06ece..'


Encrypts the message with the publicKey so that only the corresponding privateKey can decrypt it. Returns (async) the encrypted data as object with hex-strings.

    const encrypted = await EthCrypto.encryptWithPublicKey(
        'bf1cc3154424dc22191941d9f4f50b063a2b663a2337e5548abea633c1d06ece...', // publicKey
        'foobar' // message
    /* >  {
            iv: '02aeac54cb45283b427bd1a5028552c1',
            ephemPublicKey: '044acf39ed83c304f19f41ea66615d7a6c0068d5fc48ee181f2fb1091...',
            ciphertext: '5fbbcc1a44ee19f7499dbc39cfc4ce96',
            mac: '96490b293763f49a371d3a2040a2d2cb57f246ee88958009fe3c7ef2a38264a1'
        } */


Decrypts the encrypted data with the privateKey. Returns (async) the message as string.

    const message = await EthCrypto.decryptWithPrivateKey(
        '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2dacf998a0a9124acbb786f0fd1a826101581a07', // privateKey
            iv: '02aeac54cb45283b427bd1a5028552c1',
            ephemPublicKey: '044acf39ed83c304f19f41ea66615d7a6c0068d5fc48ee181f2fb1091...',
            ciphertext: '5fbbcc1a44ee19f7499dbc39cfc4ce96',
            mac: '96490b293763f49a371d3a2040a2d2cb57f246ee88958009fe3c7ef2a38264a1'
        } // encrypted-data
    // 'foobar'


Transforms the object with the encrypted data into a smaller string-representation.

const str = EthCrypto.cipher.stringify({
    iv: '02aeac54cb45283b427bd1a5028552c1',
    ephemPublicKey: '044acf39ed83c304f19f41ea66615d7a6c0068d5fc48ee181f2fb1091...',
    ciphertext: '5fbbcc1a44ee19f7499dbc39cfc4ce96',
    mac: '96490b293763f49a371d3a2040a2d2cb57f246ee88958009fe3c7ef2a38264a1'
// > '59ab06532fc965b0107977f43e69e5a4038db32099dab281c8f5aece2852...'


Parses the string-representation back into the encrypted object.

const str = EthCrypto.cipher.parse('59ab06532fc965b0107977f43e69e5a4038db32099dab281c8f5aece2852...');
/* >  {
        iv: '02aeac54cb45283b427bd1a5028552c1',
        ephemPublicKey: '044acf39ed83c304f19f41ea66615d7a6c0068d5fc48ee181f2fb1091...',
        ciphertext: '5fbbcc1a44ee19f7499dbc39cfc4ce96',
        mac: '96490b293763f49a371d3a2040a2d2cb57f246ee88958009fe3c7ef2a38264a1'
    } */


Signs a raw transaction with the privateKey. Returns a serialized tx which can be submitted to the node.

const identity = EthCrypto.createIdentity();
const rawTx = {
    from: identity.address,
    to: '0x86Fa049857E0209aa7D9e616F7eb3b3B78ECfdb0',
    value: 1000000000000000000,
    gasPrice: 5000000000,
    nonce: 0,
    gasLimit: 21000
const signedTx = EthCrypto.signTransaction(
// > '071d3a2040a2d2cb...'

// you can now send the tx to the node
const receipt = await web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(signedTx);


Creates the data-string which must be submitted with an transaction to create a contract-instance.

const SolidityCli = require('solidity-cli');

// create compiled solidity-code
const compiled = await SolidityCli.compileCode(
    'contract ExampleContract {...'

const createCode = EthCrypto.txDataByCompiled(
    compiled.interface, // abi
    compiled.bytecode, // bytecode
    [identity.address] // constructor-arguments

// now you can submit this to the blockchain
const serializedTx = EthCrypto.signTransaction(
        from: identity.address,
        nonce: 0,
        gasLimit: 5000000,
        gasPrice: 5000000000,
        data: createCode
const receipt = await web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(serializedTx);


Calculates the address for the contract from the senders address and the nonce, without deploying it to the blockchain.

// pre-calculate address
const calculatedAddress = EthCrypto.calculateContractAddress(
    account.address, // address of the sender
    3 // nonce with which the contract will be deployed

const rawTx = {
    from: account.address,
    gasPrice: parseInt(gasPrice),
    nonce: 3,
    data: compiled.code
const receipt = await state.web3.eth.sendTransaction(rawTx);

console.log(receipt.contractAddress === calculatedAddress);
// > true

hex compress/decompress

Compress or decompress a hex-string to make it smaller. You can either compress to utf16 which reduces the size to about 1/4, or to base64 which reduces the size to about 4/5.

const hexString = '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2dacf998a0a9124acbb786f0fd1a826101581a07'; // 66 chars

const utf16 = EthCrypto.hex.compress(hexString); // compress to utf16
// > 'ၻ炞䆷襞ⶬ輦ꂩቊ쮷蛰ﴚ艡Řᨇ' // 16 chars

const base64 = EthCrypto.hex.compress(hexString, true); // compress to base64
// > 'EHvpRnCeQbeJXuqfLaz5mKCpEkrLt4bw/RqCYQFYGgc=' // 44 chars

EthCrypto.hex.decompress(utf16); // decompress from utf16
// > '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2d...'

EthCrypto.hex.decompress(base64, true); // decompress from base64
// > '0x107be946709e41b7895eea9f2d...'

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