Top 903 solidity open source projects

1. Awesome Buggy Erc20 Tokens
A Collection of Vulnerabilities in ERC20 Smart Contracts With Tokens Affected
2. Awesome Blockchain Kor
<블록체인의 정석>, <하이퍼레저 블록체인 개발> 소스코드 및 참고자료 저장소
5. Solang
A Solidity to wasm and bpf compiler written in rust
6. 1inchprotocol
1inch Protocol – fully on-chain DeFi aggregation protocol
✭ 230
7. Ethereumjs Abi
[DEPRECATED] Decoder and encoder for the Ethereum ABI
8. Solidity By Example
A collection of short yet fully-functional contracts that demonstrate Solidity language features.
10. Remix Project
Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions.
12. Solc Select
A script to quickly switch between Solidity compiler versions
13. Sparkle Proof Of Loyalty
Sparkle Proof of Loyalty Contract
14. Argent Contracts
Smart Contracts for Argent Wallet
✭ 206
15. Erc20 Generator
Create an ERC20 Token for FREE in less than a minute with the most used Smart Contract Generator for ERC20 Token. No login. No setup. No coding required.
16. Swc Registry
Smart Contract Weakness Classification and Test Cases
17. Solidity Flattener
A python utility to flatten Solidity code with imports into a single file.
18. Payment Channel
Ethereum Payment Channel in 50 lines of code
✭ 192
20. Basiscash Protocol
Solidity implementation of the Basis Cash Protocol
✭ 187
21. Multisender
Token Multisender Dapp smart contract. Airdrop tokens. Batch sending ERC20, ETH, Ethereum tokens. Send thousands of transfers in a few transactions. It can help user to save more tx fee and time than sending one by one
22. Monorepo
Home for all packages related to the Counterfactual project
23. Smart Contracts
TrustToken smart contracts
✭ 184
24. Solidity Doc Cn
25. Anonymous Zether
A private payment system for Ethereum-based blockchains, with no trusted setup.
✭ 183
26. Civil
The Main Monorepo and entry-point of all things Civil
27. Erc 1155
ERC-1155: Smart Contract Sample Implementation
✭ 179
28. Building Secure Contracts
Guidelines and training material to write secure smart contracts
✭ 180
29. Ethereum Graph Debugger
Ethereum solidity graph plain debugger. To have the whole picture when debugging.
30. Securify
[DEPRECATED] Security Scanner for Ethereum Smart Contracts
31. Semaphore
A privacy gadget for Ethereum
32. Eevm
Enclave ready EVM (eEVM) is an open-source, standalone, embeddable, C++ implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
33. Flashloan Box
A box containing all you need to get started with developing Aave v1 flash loans
✭ 172
35. React Auth Box
Truffle, Webpack, React, Redux boilerplate with routing and authentication via a smart contract.
36. Voting
Dock governance proposals and smart contract
37. Solcrypto
Solidity crypto libraries, ring signatures, proof of knowledge, packed signatures etc. with matching Python implementations for secp256k1 and (alt)BN-256
38. Remix App
Ethereum Remix Solidity IDE, electron edition
39. Smart Contract Watch
A tool to monitor a number of smart contracts and transactions
40. Balancer Core
Balancer on the EVM
✭ 164
41. Flash Arb Trader
Smart contract that flash borrows from Aave and uses the flash liquidity for arbitrage between Sushiswap and UniswapV2 within the same transaction
✭ 156
42. Sparkle Token
Sparkle Peer to Peer Ecosystem Built on Ethereum
43. Moac Core
MOAC core
✭ 161
44. Ico Contracts
Ethereum smart contracts that have been used during successful ICOs
45. Dharma Smart Wallet
An upgradeable, meta-transaction-enabled smart wallet for earning interest on stablecoins while retaining custody of funds, with an added security backstop provided by Dharma Labs.
46. Solidity Bytes Utils
Utility Solidity library composed of basic operations for tightly packed bytes arrays
✭ 158
48. Protocol v1
[DEPRECATED] Solidity Smart Contracts for the dYdX V1 Margin Trading Protocol
49. Flash Lending
Flash lending smart contracts
✭ 155
50. Sparkle Airdrop
Sparkle Airdrop Contract Built on Ethereum
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