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Awesome Buggy Erc20 Tokens
A Collection of Vulnerabilities in ERC20 Smart Contracts With Tokens Affected
Python-based EOS smart-contract development & testing framework
Awesome Blockchain Kor
<블록체인의 정석>, <하이퍼레저 블록체인 개발> 소스코드 및 참고자료 저장소
Ethereum Input Data Decoder
Ethereum smart contract transaction input data decoder
Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions.
Remix Project
Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions.
The Flint Programming Language for Smart Contracts
Write once, run forever. Deploy robust, scalable, decentralized WebAssembly applications on Wavelet.
Erc20 Generator
Create an ERC20 Token for FREE in less than a minute with the most used Smart Contract Generator for ERC20 Token. No login. No setup. No coding required.
Swc Registry
Smart Contract Weakness Classification and Test Cases
Fabric Chaincode Java
Hyperledger Fabric Contract and Chaincode implementation for Java
Scilla - A Smart Contract Intermediate Level Language
Go Matrix
First version of go-MATRIX, especially for TPS optimization and AI
Smart Contract Languages
A curated collection of resources on smart contract programming languages
Dock governance proposals and smart contract
Programming toolkit for building Hyperledger Fabric Golang on-chain (chaincode) and off-chain applications
The Decentralized Application Security Project
Cadence, the resource-oriented smart contract programming language 🏃‍♂️
Eos Contract
Tutorial on writing smart contracts on EOS EOS智能合约教程,从零开始学习EOS智能合约, DApp安全漏洞(security)及攻击实践(EOS Contract)(Powered by Itleaks)
Ico Contracts
Ethereum smart contracts that have been used during successful ICOs
eBitcoin (eBTC) is an ERC20 token. Its primary utility is to provide an easy & fast payment solution. Its edge over other tokens is that it is capable of sending up to 255 payments in a single transaction.
Smart Contract Systems the easy way. Open source development framework.
The protocol for real-time finance on the Ethereum blockchain
A SDK for implementing blockchain-based digital currencies
Flow is a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them 🌊
A high-level language for Dune Network (and Tezos) with OCaml and ReasonML syntaxes, with a decompiler from Michelson
Flow Nft
The Non-Fungible Token standard on the Flow Blockchain
🛠️ A smart contract UI for your Ethereum dapp project
Status Network Token
Smart Contracts for the Status Contribution Period, along with Genesis and Network Tokens
Consensys Academy Notes
A series of notes that were taken during the ConsenSys Academy program.
Tenderly Cli
CLI tool for Smart Contract error tracking, monitoring and alerting.
Flow Js Sdk
Tools for building browser applications on Flow 🌊
Your first decentralized application python
An up to date and bare minimum tutorial on deploying smart contracts with python
Hashed Timelock Contract Ethereum
Hashed Timelock Contracts for ETH, ERC20 and ERC721 on Ethereum
Security analysis tool for EVM bytecode. Supports smart contracts built for Ethereum, Hedera, Quorum, Vechain, Roostock, Tron and other EVM-compatible blockchains.
Ethereum Security
Security issues in Ethereum demonstrated in mocha tests. The fix is also demonstrated
General interoperability framework for trustless cross-system interaction
District0x Network Token
Smart Contracts and web app for district0x contribution
Oasis Core
Performant and Confidentiality-Preserving Smart Contracts + Blockchains
Ethereum Smart Contracts Security Checklist
Ethereum Smart Contracts Security CheckList From Knownsec 404 Team
Eden Smart Contracts
EDEN - EDN Smart Token & Smart Contracts
A tool for developing smart contracts. Crafted with the finest cacaos.
A set of reusable smart-contracts
Seriality is a library for serializing and de-serializing all the Solidity types in a very efficient way which mostly written in solidity-assembly
Town Crier
Town Crier: an Authenticated Data Feeds for Smart Contracts
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