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Licence: gpl-3.0
Flexible-Jekyll is a simple and clean theme for Jekyll

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Jekyll theme based on Stylish Portfolio Bootstrap theme
Stars: ✭ 20 (-96.23%)
Mutual labels:  jekyll, github-pages, portfolio, jekyll-themes, portfolio-website
🍎Jalpc -- A flexible Jekyll theme, 3 steps to build your website.
Stars: ✭ 859 (+61.77%)
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A minimalist Jekyll theme for running an online publication
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Chalk is a high quality, completely customizable, performant and 100% free Jekyll blog theme.
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Jekyll Uno
Jekyll-Uno - a minimal, responsive theme for Jekyll based on Uno for Ghost
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A refreshed version of Hyde for Jekyll 3.x and 4.x
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Jekyll Theme Prologue
A Jekyll version of the "Prologue" theme by HTML5 UP
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Adam Blog
Adam Blog is a minimal clear theme for Jekyll
Stars: ✭ 167 (-68.55%)
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Git Wiki Theme
A revolutionary full-featured wiki for github pages and jekyll. You don't need to compile it!
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Max Base Personal Website.
Stars: ✭ 20 (-96.23%)
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🎨 A ridiculously elegant Jekyll theme.
Stars: ✭ 442 (-16.76%)
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free to use portfolio templates
Stars: ✭ 265 (-50.09%)
Mutual labels:  portfolio, portfolio-website, free
Third iteration of my personal site built with Jekyll
Stars: ✭ 391 (-26.37%)
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βš—οΈ A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website
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Mundana Theme Jekyll
Mundana is a free Jekyll theme, Medium styled.
Stars: ✭ 402 (-24.29%)
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My Personal Website / Portfolio
Stars: ✭ 41 (-92.28%)
Mutual labels:  github-pages, portfolio, portfolio-website
Jekyll Klise
πŸ– KlisΓ© is a minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal site or blog, light & dark mode support. (
Stars: ✭ 312 (-41.24%)
Mutual labels:  jekyll, jekyll-blog, scss
Long Haul
A minimal, type-focused Jekyll theme.
Stars: ✭ 524 (-1.32%)
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Mr.Brown is a responsive Jekyll theme
Stars: ✭ 21 (-96.05%)
Mutual labels:  jekyll, free, jekyll-blog
Beautiful Jekyll
✨ Build a beautiful and simple website in literally minutes. Demo at
Stars: ✭ 3,778 (+611.49%)
Mutual labels:  jekyll, github-pages, jekyll-themes

Flexible-Jekyll is a simple and clean theme for Jekyll


Check the theme in action Demo

The main page would look like this:

Main page preview

The post page would look like this:

Post page preview



Fork the master branch and follow the Jekyll Installation Documentation.


GNU General Public License v3.0


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Thank you for your support ❀️

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